Creating Career Paths to Drive Employee Retention


Creating Career Paths to Drive Employee Retention

The Great Resignation isn’t going away. In a time where employees are leaving their jobs in mass numbers, how can organizations boost employee retention? They do this by creating clear and defined career paths. 

In a 2021 poll, 80% of workers do not think their current employer offers growth opportunities while 29% of workers named lack of growth opportunities as their reason for wanting to quit.* Employees are more likely to stay at an organization when they feel their employers care about their personal growth and provide ways to reach career goals. 

Learn from OpenSesame’s Senior Learning & Development Advisor, Matt Bradley, as he explores ways you can develop career paths in your organization—whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your strategies. The webinar will include an opportunity to have an open dialog with Matt, where he will share his first-hand experience of creating growth opportunities within an L&D organization. 

In this webinar, Matt will discuss: 

  • How OpenSesame has created career paths across the organization 
  • Why career paths are essential for employee retention
  • What needs to be in place to create successful career growth journeys
  • How you can foster a growth mindset culture in your organization 

More about Matt Bradley

Matt has been coaching and advising on talent development for over seven years and has revolutionized training and materials to help drive results. The L&D environment is rapidly changing and requires a skilled eye to anticipate evolving markets. Matt’s coaching expertise includes work-from-home onboarding, the COVID-19 pandemic, and social justice.

*“Poll Results.” Job Index in the Time of Coronavirus, Monster, 

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