White Paper

DEI Strategy #1: Embrace a Holistic Approach to DEI and Create a New Business Culture

Through a partnership with research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group, OpenSesame has distilled the latest in DEI benchmarking and progress research; and created a seven-part white paper series that reveals seven strategies that transform your DEI initiatives.


The key to achieving success with your DEI initiatives is to take a strategic approach that touches all aspects of the organization, cultivating a new language for how the company sees itself and performs its mission. 


Learn about:

  • Establishing values of trust and accountability across an organization for employee retention.
  • Utilizing technology and oversight tools create a growth environment.
  • Connecting DEI identity to performance objectives to improve growth and reduce risk.


Maintaining an integrated approach helps businesses retain employees, facilitate growth, and ensure a culture where every individual experiences respect, equity, and belonging.