White Paper

DEI Strategy #4: Set the Stage for the Development of Continuous Learning Experiences for DEI Success

Through a partnership with research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group, OpenSesame has distilled the latest in DEI benchmarking and progress research; and created a seven-part white paper series that reveals seven strategies that transform your DEI initiatives.


Once a DEI program is initiated it is critical to nurture and evolve the new knowledge, growing awareness, and changing attitudes by developing and offering continuing learning experiences. 


Learn about:

  • Why taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach creates people-driven DEI programs.
  • Developing frameworks that build on long-term strategies with professional DEI consultants.
  • Utilizing teaching tools that provide layered learning options to engage your workforce.
  • Supporting mentors and managers to broaden reach across departments.


Applying an inclusive standard to your teaching methods ensures that every participant can experience learning in their ideal way.