DEI Strategy #7: Recognize and Celebrate DEI Progress

DEI Strategy #7: Recognize and Celebrate DEI Progress

Through a partnership with research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group, OpenSesame has distilled the latest in DEI benchmarking and progress research; and created a seven-part white paper series that reveals seven strategies that transform your DEI initiatives.

The DEI journey is ongoing and fraught with highs and lows. It is vitally important that organizations support their employees throughout, recognizing and celebrating progress both large and small. 

While it can seem like a “big lift” for groups that have just begun DEI programs, progress comes through a consistent effort and organization-wide participation that can be celebrated.

Learn about:

  • Connecting DEI initiatives with company values to move towards a common objective.
  • Amplification of success and the importance of rewarding intentional work in inclusion.
  • Tying DEI achievement to incentives to support inclusion and diversity.
  • Actions that make employees excited to come to work and grow your business.