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Since its beginning in 2010, Instagram is truly a social network to be reckoned with. The mobile-friendly app boasts an incredible 300 million users and 70 million daily posts. While it’s most commonly used for personal social networking, Instagram can be a great tool for businesses to market their brand and products. ... [more]

Healthy individuals are supposed to be getting at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise in a week, and sometimes that’s often hard to do for full-time employees. After coming home from work, all you want to do is pass out or relax. So why not make some time during the workday to get some physical exercise in? Here are 5 benefits of exercise in the workplace! ... [more]

As a manager, keeping your employees motivated is a constant struggle. Whether they’re bored, distracted, or lazy, it’s part of your job to keep morale and productivity high. With these simple psychological hacks, you can make small tweaks to your workplace to boost productivity. ... [more]

Chances are, if you’re a professional in today’s social media-driven world, you have a LinkedIn profile. According to LinkedIn, their professional social network now includes 380,000,000 registered users--and it’s growing. With 118 million users in the U.S. and 39 million students and recent college graduates joining the site, it’s worth pausing to consider a simple change that can make you stand out in the crowded world of LinkedIn: writing a stand-out summary. ... [more]