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It’s no wonder an increasing amount of businesses large and small have invested time and money into creating blogs. Whether you’re wondering how to be a leader instead of a boss, or how to deal with angry customers, where do you go? The internet. Blogs have been garnering popularity due to their succinct, creative ways of imparting information, whether it is through infographics or “Top 10” lists. ... [more]

More often than not, businesses use certain phrases to indicate the degree of formality with which their employees should dress. To avoid the dreaded “That looks casual/comfortable/secondhand!” comment from your boss, it is always important to research the company before applying. As Business Insider stated in a recent interview, “[e]mployees want to blend into their company culture.”  If already offered a position, familiarize yourself with the dress code by asking directly or observing. ... [more]

Growth Hacking: If you work in a company that has a marketing department, it’s probably a term that you’ve heard before. But what is it exactly? True to its name, growth hacking is a way of achieving exposure and growth through non-traditional means. Along with social metrics and analytics, techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, and content marketing are some tools that growth hackers use. Growth hacking is primarily used within tech companies, particularly startups, because of how cost-efficient and low-budget it can be. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Airbnb and Dropbox are famous and successful companies that used and still use growth hacking techniques. ... [more]

In the digital era, more and more employers are performing thorough background checks on prospective employees, and are using online sites such as LinkedIn to discover everything they can about a certain individuals career, educational, and professional history. Even outside of a background check, LinkedIn is akin to an unofficial resumé, and is checked by anyone interested in hiring. So how do you make your LinkedIn into something unique, special, thorough, and ultimately representative of who you are as a person and as an employee? ... [more]