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At OpenSesame, we receive inquiries from subject matter experts and content authors who have developed training programs but are unsure about how to monetize them in the today’s online world. They have valuable content (a training video, a Powerpoint presentation, or a book) that they want to share with the world and hopefully make some money along the way. ... [more]

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If you operate a business in the state of California with over 50 employees, you may be fairly familiar with AB 1825 which requires companies to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to supervisors. However, in the past two years these policies have been expanded. Have you been keeping up with the most recent training updates?   Updates to California Sexual Harassment Training   Currently, AB 1825 alone will not satisfy compliance requirements. As of 2015, California also requires that companies comply with AB 2053 which includes training on abusive conduct. ... [more]

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Thanks to technological developments and the widespread adoption of mobile devices, learner needs are not the same as they were a few years ago. Learners have naturally evolved as new technology is introduced into both their personal and professional lives. The question is: how have these changes impacted learner needs? In an infographic entitled ‘Meet the Modern Learner’, Bersin by Deloitte presents a number of statistics that outline how online training is colliding with learners’ jobs, behaviors, habits, and preferences. ... [more]

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Sexual harassment remains the top priority, concern and for US employers required to be compliant with government regulations. So, how can HR executives implement best practices for anti-harassment in an organization? Although some behaviors of sexual harassment are identifiable and obvious, there are actions which appear innocent on the surface, but are indeed actions of sexual harassment and put employees as well as employers at risk.   Sexual harassment prevention training Some states require documentation of mandatory training as often as yearly for supervisors. ... [more]

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"If you build it, they will come," right? Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in elearning. You start by implementing an learning management system (LMS), selecting needed courses, structuring and organizing content but those are just the first steps to creating a successful learning program. ... [more]

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