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You may have the greatest elearning course of all time, but no one will know if it never gets taken. Whether a course is required for compliance or taken for fun, selling to HR or a single customer, your course needs to make a good first impression in order to make a sale. To help you, here are a few tips to attract buyers and optimize how your course will be perceived. ... [more]

Although business schools throughout the country aim to educate students about technical skills ranging from financial analysis to market research, many times soft skills such as emotional intelligence go underrated. Most importantly, soft skills are oftentimes what keep employees happy at work. Gallup’s most recent 2015 study found that most adults who were surveyed quit their jobs because of a bad boss. ... [more]

In response to the anticipated flu season this year, OpenSesame (www.OpenSesame.com), a worldwide resource for business training courses and XeniumHR, in partnership with Kantola Productions, is pleased to offer a free online training course for flu prevention for the next 30 days. ... [more]

Disagreeing with your boss can be an intimidating part of your work, but there is a way to approach the problem without your disagreement ending in you getting fired. Regardless of the issue at hand, follow these general rules to steer clear of the unemployment office and improve your working relationship with your boss. Approach Privately The last thing you or your boss wants is an argument in front of a crowd. ... [more]

At OpenSesame, we believe in supporting fellow tech startups, and today we have compiled a list of four online tools from these businesses. The only two pieces of criteria for selection were that the companies and their tool had to: a) belong to Gen Z (founded after 2004) and b) be used by the OpenSesame team. ... [more]