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Companies continue to invest in corporate training for their employees. Each year markets continue to change, and the training industry is no different. Content providers are creating mobile friendly courses, micro-courses, and investing in gamification to appeal to the millennial generation. As the training landscape changes, we must be aware of new trends and growth of the market. Look to the infographic below for a training industry report! *Information for the infographic is from 2015, taken from Ambient Insight, Docebo, Forbes, and LearnDash.     ... [more]

You’ve invested in making a quality elearning course and you want learners to love it. Crafting the perfect descriptions and learning objectives will help you showcase your product to future learners. Don’t miss your chance to market it properly by lacking in writing skills. Create great first impressions to increase sales and usage of your course by following this detailed guide below.   DESCRIPTIONS Descriptions shouldn’t be boring and dry, but rather help build excitement for someone looking to take the course or purchase for their team. ... [more]

Let’s face it: the market for gamification is poised for a breakthrough, and soon. With the rise of gaming technology like VR and the growth of gaming-crazy Millennials in the workplace, it’s impossible to prevent the integration of gaming and elearning content. Although there is already much research and development underway, here is a great look at some of the HUGE potential the elearning industry represents to the gaming world. Statistics courtesy of Big Fish Games and eLearning Industry.   ... [more]

eLearning is an ever growing industry and various companies are beginning to take advantage of the accessible technology. Employee training is timely and there are thousands of requirements within each industry, making elearning an effective option for all. With over 13 million employees working in either retail or restaurants, customer service accounts for a vast majority of online learning. ... [more]

A year ago if you were to ask if I see any commonalities between social media and elearning I would respond with, “absolutely not - they’re total opposites.” Initially, when most people think of elearning they envision education, compliance courses and maybe a quick way to learn a new computer skill. On the other hand, social media is used for connecting with family and friends, posting photos and making status updates. Despite these obvious differences, elearning and social media have a lot in common and can benefit from one another. ... [more]