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According to a recent study, 7 of 10 employers believe that recent college graduates are unprepared in written and oral communication. As companies like yours take matters into your own hands by delivering training programs that address these critical 21st century skills, you are challenged with finding engaging, high quality digital content that can teach, assess, remediate, and measure learning outcomes such as simulations and games.  In fact, market research reports predict 22.4% growth in simulations and games over the next five years. ... [more]

So it might have been a flash in the pan, but you were either living under a rock or on the moon if you didn’t hear about 2016’s sweeping phenomenon known as Pokemon Go. Its popularity and pervasiveness has obviously diminished, but it had explosive adoption around July 2016. The app used augmented reality (AR) to help users seek out, fight, and catch virtual Pokemon creatures in their nearby environments. ... [more]

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re an experienced hacker. You may not be a coding wiz or even particularly knowledgeable about computers, but if you’ve ever used a clever shortcut to accomplish something in an unconventional way, then you’ve successfully employed a “hack.” Ever used old food containers to store your non-food items? Or placed your phone in a cup to amplify the sound? Congratulations! You’re a hacker. From computer hacks to life hacks, our society has become saturated with innovative timesaving techniques. ... [more]

Have you ever taken an online course where you speed through the material, take the quizzes and get it out of the way? We’ve all been there. Have you sat through a class lecture drifting off into your own world because of the teacher’s boring material and monotone voice? We’ve all been there, too. Finding a balance between in-person and online learning is an ongoing challenge to many businesses and universities. eLearning is a valuable tool that can change the way people learn whether it be for their education, career or soft skills. A key factor to elearning is the way it’s being taught. ... [more]

If you’re familiar with game jams, then you know what an all out marathon they can be. If you’re not, here’s the gist: you stay up for a whole weekend planning, programming, and coding a brand new game. Oh, and you try to find time to eat and sleep (a little). Basically, game jams are the intense way to generate new ideas for new content and new programs as fast as possible. So how does this connect to elearning? Well, they’re called training jams, and they’re game jams with an elearning twist. ... [more]