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OpenSesame Development Team Feature Update: April

Dev Feature Highlight

Here's the latest from our product development team! OpenSesame Plus in NOW available! OpenSesame Plus is our new subscription based model for purchasing OpenSesame courses (similar to Netflix, but for your training needs). For one low monthly price, OpenSesame Plus subscribers receive unlimited access to a curated offering of courses from many of our top providers. Courses cover topics on business skills, compliance, technology, and more.

Jeff Dalto

Effective Training Visuals—Abstract to Concrete

We’re back with the fourth in a series of blog posts written to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering how well their visuals add to the effectiveness of the training. The first in the series was about organizing elements within a visual to ease perception; the second was about directing the eyes of the viewer to key parts of the visual; and the third was about reducing realism and simplifying graphics. This time, we’ll focus on ways to make abstract ideas and concepts more concrete.

Course of the Week Highlight: Go Green, Prevent Harassment, and More!

Organizational Champion

What makes a great leader? How do you identify and develop them in the workplace? This infographic attempts to answer these questions and outlines the different “kinds of smart” and how the different intelligences fit into your leadership team. This week’s featured courses are all perfect for your company leaders—teach them to prevent workplace harassment and deal with incidents should they occur, help your company go green and be sustainable, and train your leaders to be the best they can be!

Go Green! Why Now is the Time to Focus on Sustainability

Green Globe in Hand

Corporations, regardless of their size, have an ethical responsibility of citizenship and must consider this from a self-regulation standpoint within their own integrated business model. While the essential goal in the past business climate was to maximize profits, economic value will be judged differently to include newer variables in risk management brought forth by the acceptance of the realities of climate change. Risk Management policies are adding the concepts from the International Standards Organization (ISO). This is an organization that provides information, products, and services related to property and liability risk.

Hello from Our New Account Management Associate

Kristin Hansen

Hello! I’m Kristin Hansen and I’m OpenSesame’s new Account Management Associate. I’m excited to join the OpenSesame team and to reenter the startup realm. I spent the last couple of years working in a medical office in various capacities, but before that I worked at local startup WalkerTracker where I assisted with customer support and systems creation. I have a strong interest in relationship building and customer service, and I’m excited to use those skills here at OpenSesame as well as to pick up new skills by helping the sales team.


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