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The Role of The L&D Manager in Creating A Learning Culture

Peruse most any business publication or take a look at survey data of industry executives and you’ll see that senior leaders cite innovation, agility, and adeptness at change management to be of paramount importance as their organizations seek a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced economy. Of course the ability to innovate or navigate change doesn’t happen through osmosis or merely because it’s desired; it requires embedding the appropriate values and behaviors within the cultural DNA of the organization.

The Importance of Visuals in eLearning

Are you blending your teaching methods in a logical and dynamic way to reach the different types of learners in your company? Those who learn best by listening, reading, watching, or through visual cues need to be able to understand the knowledge you’re trying to impart. Read why utilizing visuals in elearning can help ensure that what you’re trying to teach isn’t just heard or seen, its understood.

How Big Data Will Shake Up eLearning

There’s a lot of talk about big data and how it helps businesses become more responsive to customers’ fast-changing needs. This type of thinking can equally be applied to corporate Learning and Development. Until recently, HR and L&D Managers have approached skills development from a business need perspective. But now, big data, revealing the way vast and detailed insights on learner behavior, is opening up more opportunities to build effective learning environments than ever before.


How to Be Objective in Your Training Evaluations

Lets face it, evaluating eLearning courses is difficult. There are literally hundreds of content providers, thousands of eLearning courses and they all claim to design effective eLearning courseware. The problem is compounded when you have multiple stakeholders as is often the case when deploying an eLearning solution. You’ll undoubtedly get many different opinions on what people like and dislike. Options are useful, but don't help drive a decision on where to spend your training dollars.


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