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Whether you’ve had one or you’ve been there to hear someone vent about one, a bad boss can affect your life both in and out of the workplace. Sometimes it’s easy to feel responsible if your boss isn’t the most friendly, but a bad boss can come in many forms that may be hard to recognize; whether they’re passive aggressive or put you down, manipulative, unfocused, or tend to micromanage, here are some hacks to cope. ... [more]

Double and triple digit temperatures, with or without humidity, cause all sorts of problems for humans and pets. Roofing, highway construction and agricultural are just a few industry examples across the northwest where outdoor workers are vulnerable to heat-related illnesses. ... [more]

With hectic schedules and differing priorities, it can be difficult for employees to find the time to focus on their health. A study by the Society for Human Resource Management looked into some of the health risk factors affecting American employees. Among other factors, they found that 49% are physically inactive, 43% have high stress, and 76% do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. ... [more]

With constant bombardment from various distracting things like games, social networking, people, unhealthy food, and the internet, it’s hard to focus on a project or assignment for a long period of time. Even without distractions, attention spans and focused powers can only last so long before wanting to do other tasks. Due to this, some individuals think they are only able to focus by drinking coffee and energy drinks, or by ingesting supplements full of harmful chemicals. Fortunately, you can stay on-task all day using easy and natural methods. Drop the drinks and pills: here are the 5 simple hacks to staying focused and on-task. ... [more]

You walk into a meeting only to be immediately received by a pack of angered faces. You look at the time, you’re a minute late. What’s the big deal? You ask yourself. It’s only sixty seconds. ... [more]