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Last week, the interns at OpenSesame took the morning off to volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank with a couple of other tech companies around Portland. What we often see is that people genuinely want to volunteer, but find it difficult to maintain their work-life balance. What would happen if all volunteers just suddenly quit showing up to work? Utter chaos, I would imagine. Volunteers make up a significant portion of our society, and their time and dedication create a great impact on the economy. Learn how you can help be a part of that change! ... [more]

Hey! I’m Blake Johnson, the new Content Specialist here at OpenSesame. I am thrilled to help build and maintain the seller community on our amazing platform for employee training and development. ... [more]

The excitement is virtually palpable when summer comes around. It’s a time to revel in the weather and rejoice. And every summer comes July, which mean it’s also Social Wellness Month. A perfect time to look into your social life outside of the office. ... [more]

We all know that the pace of summer can be the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy leisurely vacations and weekend trips. But, summer can also be a great time to learn a new skill, create new personal and professional goals, or tackle that book collecting dust on your nightstand. At OpenSesame, we’re always interested in continued learning, including reading up on the latest advancements in business, marketing, technology, and workplace productivity. To help kick start your summer learning, we’ve compiled a few books covering our favorite subjects and a few related OpenSesame courses. Comment below and tell us what you want to learn this summer! ... [more]