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Course of the Week: Refresh Your Goals & Skills for Spring!

As the sun begins to peak out and temperatures return to a comfortable level, many of us are getting the itch to organize and refresh our homes. Spring cleaning season is upon us, and it can be just as beneficial to your professional life as your personal one. As we head into the second quarter, now is a great time to reevaluate goals set earlier this year, as well as refresh skills that may starting to become stale after end-of-year trainings. To help you start your professional spring cleaning, check out this week’s featured courses and deals which include planning for employee appraisals, brushing up on typing skills and more!

Marketing Your eLearning Initiative - Branding

A brand is a personality—it gives objects or ideas a tangible presence. Brand personality is why Apple customers wait for hours in line for the latest product or Starbucks patrons pay more for a cup of coffee. They either identify with or have a desire to be associated with the characteristics of that particular brand. If your company wants to encourage elearning usage, it is important to craft a strong brand identity employees want to be associated with.


Set Up Google+ Authorship and Get Visible!

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time on and have demonstrated your expertise in the form of creating an elearning course. We at OpenSesame spend a considerable amount of effort and time making your courses available in the search engines whenever your potential customers are looking for them. So now you might be wondering if there is anything else that can be done to improve your chances of getting in front of more buyers. The short answer to that is yes, there are many things, but for today let’s focus on a quick way to help make your course stand out even more in Google. Allow me to introduce you to Google+ Authorship!


OpenSesame Development Team Feature Update: April

Dev Feature Highlight

April is here, which means Spring has arrived in Portland, bringing with a little sunshine, lots of tulips, and some great new features for our customers. OpenSesame Plus in NOW available! OpenSesame Plus is our new subscription based model for purchasing OpenSesame courses (similar to Netflix, but for your training needs). For one low monthly price, OpenSesame Plus subscribers receive unlimited access to a curated offering of courses from many of our top providers. Courses cover topics on business skills, compliance, technology, and more.

Jeff Dalto

Effective Training Visuals—Abstract to Concrete

We’re back with the fourth in a series of blog posts written to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering how well their visuals add to the effectiveness of the training. The first in the series was about organizing elements within a visual to ease perception; the second was about directing the eyes of the viewer to key parts of the visual; and the third was about reducing realism and simplifying graphics. This time, we’ll focus on ways to make abstract ideas and concepts more concrete.


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