About Us


Online Learning Has Never Mattered More.

Our vision is a world where everyone can easily access the training they need to advance their purpose.

Our mission is helping companies develop the world’s most productive and admired workforces.

We harness the power of technology to help organizations of all sizes deploy training and learning to do great things — in every industry.

OpenSesame Careers Remote

We Believe Education and Diverse Voices Advance Everyone.

We will lead by example. Education is our company’s entire purpose. Learning opportunities for our employees are
endless. Investing in our people and our world is vital.

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What Matters to Us

We believe “how” we work is as important as the service we provide. Our culture matters.


Shoulder-to-shoulder with our co-workers and customers, we curate the ideal path of eLearning courses. We are a team effort inside and out. We band together for our customers’ goals and to create opportunities for our employees.

Growth Mindset

We are passionate learners and hold education in the highest regard. We hire innovative, growth-minded talent and provide them with the freedom to create products people love and follow their own goals. Learning is in our DNA.


OpenSesame fosters a community that manifests compassion and genuine interest in our individuals. The best work happens when everyone feels they belong, are being heard, and meaningful work drives their mission.

OpenSesame Team

We Do This For a Living.
Work-Life at OpenSesame

Whether in the office or working remote, we are bound by a common mission, strong values and collaboration for our team and our customers. Our daily culture what excites us and keeps us energized.

Join the best minds working on the most important solutions.

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