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Working with hazardous materials

Hazard Containment and the Richmond Refinery Fire: Is Your Company Prepared for an Emergency?

It goes without saying that the combination of highly combustible chemicals and complicated maintenance upkeep makes oil refineries very dangerous work environments. If you take into consideration the high potential for leakage from piping, it is all the more clear that precautions must be made to deal with maintenance, repairing issues, and handling repercussions. While… Read more »

Tool stand

Top 10 eLearning Tools (A Gen-Yer's Take)

Every year, Jane Hart compiles her Top 100 Tools for Learning. In the spirit of helping her build an extensive list informed by new ideas and approaches to existing technologies, I’ve compiled a list of online learning tools I use as a student and marketing intern with OpenSesame.   JSTOR – As a student, sources… Read more »

vocal microphone

OpenSesame Senior VP Featured in Learning 2012 Podcast

OpenSesame Senior Vice President and General Manager Joshua Blank was recently featured on a podcast with Learning 2012’s Elliot Masie. In response to questions about shifts in the elearning industry and OpenSesame’s adjustment to accommodate these developments, Josh touched on the growth of online training needs, as well as the growing trend towards choosing ‘pay-per-use’… Read more »

Three Ways to Use Online Training from OpenSesame: Online, via CourseCloud™ or in Your LMS

OpenSesame is an online marketplace for training courses, with more than 20,000 courses from 250 different sellers. With OpenSesame, buyers can shop for courses from different sellers, preview courses, and read reviews before making a purchase. OpenSesame offers unprecendented flexibility in buying and using online training courses.  Buying Courses on OpenSesame There are two easy… Read more »

Course of the Week: Increase Productivity with Outlook 2010

Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth   The Effective Edge for Outlook 2010 by The E ffective Edge Increase productivity and save time using Outlook 2010 Optimize email, calendar and tasks with Outlook Keep track of long-term projects and everyday tasks Reduce time spent looking for information Starting at $37.25… Read more »

Working hard to improve site speed

How OpenSesame Reduced Page Load Time By 75%, Increased Organic Visits by 30%, and Improved Conversion Rate by 20% in Just 9 Weeks

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem Here at OpenSesame we love data just as much as the next startup – probably even more. We have your run-of-the-mill analytics tools, marketing automation scripts, remarketing scripts, scripts to monitor our other scripts… You get the picture. At some point, our scripts got away from… Read more »

Working hard to improve site speed

Course of the Week: Develop Customer Loyalty

Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth Developing Loyal Customer Relationships by Cegos Teach your employees to win repeat business Identify the keys to boosting customer loyalty Improve customer satisfaction by resolving complaints Turn consulting opportunities into sales Starting at $39.20 Top sales courses Sales Through Service Selling Decision Makers Using… Read more »

Facebook 'Like' Booklet

Putting Facebook to Work For Your Business

Assuming you’re one of 995 million people in the world who has a Facebook account, you’ve probably already discovered just how captivating and useful the social networking platform can be. What you may not know is how Facebook – when used effectively – can be used to grow and improve your business. From expanding your… Read more »

3 Important Factors for Marketing Your Content Online

Online content marketing is imperative to establishing a brand or company as a leader in their industry. But how exactly does one go about doing it in the most effective way? The answer lies in a two-pronged approach: developing content that caters to your customers’ needs coupled with leveraging search engines and interrelated marketing strategies… Read more »

Members of a team riding their bikes on a beach

Building Effective Teams

Being a leader does not mean doing everything yourself. Effective leaders understand that delegating tasks can make them more effective. Sometimes tasks can be delegated to an individual, but other projects require the attention of a team. Team building skills are a critical facet of leadership. When teammates collaborate effectively, they can tackle seemingly insurmountable… Read more »

Web Design: 7 Courses and Tutorials to Get You Started

It’s not hard to get into web design. Really, it isn’t. With a little tact, persistence, and the right learning materials you can be creating professional-looking websites of your own. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the fundamental building blocks of every website online. At first, these programming languages may look… Read more »

5 eLearning Courses to Get You Started with eLearning

You’re excited about creating your first elearning course. You have expertise in a useful topic and you want to share your insights. Excited to get started, you log on to check out various elearning blogs, message boards and social media groups. After just half an hour, your head is spinning. LMS, MOOC, SCORM… Gamification, authoring… Read more »

5 Rules for Simple OSHA Ladder Safety

In November 2018 OSHA will implement new standards for fixed ladders. See OpenSesame’s updated guide, “Six Guidelines for OSHA ladder safety 2018” for a summary of new ladder safety standards.   Ladders, when used effectively, make large-scale jobs easier. Anyone in construction understands the advantages of this tool. Workers gain access to hard to reach… Read more »

Course of the Week: Build Engagement

Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth   Build Engagement by Vado Increase employee engagement Help them understand business goals Improve satisfaction Increase productivity As low as $4.95 Top Business Courses Sexual Harassment Mastering Management Presentation Skills Top Leadership Courses Leadership Challenge Effective Leadership Leadership Development Courses Business Skills Compliance Safety… Read more »

OpenSesame office

Creating Collaborative Spaces

OpenSesame was born in a kitchen. In a small, dark room with a sink, an empty hole where an oven used to be and tile floors, our first days were packed with hard work but lacked glamor. After we launched our elearning marketplace, we soon moved into a space the size of a large SUV… Read more »

Top 8 eLearning Localization Resources

Localizing your training is a daunting multistep process. It forces companies to take into account linguistic and cultural factors that they would otherwise take for granted. For example, say you want to use an image indicating positive affirmation in your elearning course about effectively giving feedback. For viewers in the Americas, even those originally from… Read more »

Man speaking in front of a group of people

Using eLearning to Amplify Talent Development with Who, What & How

Some organizations struggle with talent development. They find it difficult to balance “what’s good for the organization” and “what will engage the employee”. Organizations need certain skills to execute their strategies, and satisfied employees are a prerequisite to successful organizations. In talent development, you can’t separate the what, how, or the who. The skills are important for the company.… Read more »

Lab tech washing hands in sink

Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards

In 1970, Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Safety Act to regulate work practices and ensure that employers and their employees reduce the amount of job related injuries, illnesses, and death. OSHA regulations include guidelines for employees to limit chemical exposure, increase access to information, and enforce requirements for the use of personal protective… Read more »

Lab tech washing hands in sink

Course of the Week: Hazard Communication for OSHA Compliance

  Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth   OSHA – Hazard Communication by Vivid Learning Systems Keep employees safe and comply with OSHA regulations Understand information provided on label or MSDS Detect the presence of hazardous chemicals Understand how to protect yourself  As low as $8.40 Top Compliance Courses Sexual… Read more »

cooling towers under a blue sky

OSHA Regulations & Safety Training Solutions by Vivid Learning

There is no predicting the potential costs a workplace accident can create for your company. Beyond the financial obligations, you want to ensure that your employees are comfortable and able to work efficiently without having to worry about their safety. Fortunately, many of these workplace accidents can be avoided if the proper safety and communication… Read more »