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Good managers keep their teams engaged, excited, and motivated, increasing their organization’s productivity and retention. We provide everything you need to nurture these critical leadership skills.

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Leadership training requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Our library has over 4,000 courses available in multiple languages covering crucial topics like change management, workplace culture, and vision setting.

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Our team of curators, combined with cutting edge AI tools, will support you every step of the way. They work to understand your goals and then provide course lists, roadmaps, and more to ensure your success.

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With OpenSesame’s leadership & management content, you can help current leaders make more strategic decisions, and prepare high-potential employees for future leadership roles—a critical part of retaining top talent.

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With a wide range of courses from the leading content providers, OpenSesame’s SmartPath makes it easy to find, create and deploy specific content with thousands of courses for every learner. Choose from 30,000+ courses covering every topic, including the highest in-demand learning for your workforce.

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Empathy as a Leader

This course reviews what it means to be an empathetic leader and…


Coaching Through Delegation

This course teaches the strategies needed to turn the delegation process into…


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