Racial Justice

OpenSesame was founded on the belief that education and training can advance everyone. We are optimistic because our nation is finally rising up and taking action against systemic racism. For far too many decades, we have seen the discrimination, oppression and pain that Black people have endured. America has not made enough progress to eradicate racism.

OpenSesame believes Black lives matter and we strive to be anti-racist. We are committed to working with our employees, customers, business partners, and communities to use the powerful tools of training and education to eliminate racism.

We believe it is necessary but not sufficient to deconstruct the systems that perpetuate systemic institutional racism. We must also work to build self-sustaining systems that both prevent the return of racism and accelerate the advancement of people of color.

We do not have all the answers. Today, we strive to make a difference by:

  • Elevating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion courses to a top level category in the OpenSesame catalog and hiring an expert in this field to manage this category. DE&I is not a compliance requirement, it is a fundamental human rights issue.
  • Continuing our commitment to the De La Salle North Catholic High School Corporate Work Study program. “The School That Works.” Supporting systems that accelerate the advancement of students of color and other underrepresented communities. Please join us: https://www.delasallenorth.org/
  • Increasing our investment into our own Step-into-Tech high school mentoring program. Early and significant exposure for students of color and other underrepresented communities to mentors and careers in technology.
  • Continuing our commitment as a founding member in the TechTown Diversity Pledge to create a more inclusive tech community in Portland and improve our recruiting and hiring practices to build a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Please join us: https://techtownportland.com/pledge/
  • Becoming more open and listening to new ideas and different perspectives than our own. We strive to improve the diversity and inclusivity of our people, processes and products.

We know there is much more that we can do. We will continue to educate ourselves and will update you as we learn to do more.