Meet SmartPath by OpenSesame

The Clearest Path of Learning for everyone, everywhere. SmartPath helps you realize the potential of your workforce by curating the best list of courses for your learners – AutoMagically.


How OpenSesame Creates Your SmartPath

Find the best path of learning for every single learner on your workforce.

OpenSesame Curation Services

Custom Curation

We start with a human partnership and a simple assessment. Our elearning experts identify the ideal curriculum for your organization and scenario to build and deploy a complete learning and training program. Custom lists are based on your dynamic goals and tailored to your specific learners.

Dedicated Support

Our team works side-by-side with you to curate the ideal portfolio of elearning to train your employees on the most in-demand skills. Each of our experts has a specific area of focus and identifies the best path and scenario for every enterprise. Customer experience is our focus and our customer support is unmatched. Every step of the way.

Steps to Your SmartPath

Here’s how SmartPath ensures you select the courses best suited for your learners:

Personalized Assessment

Our team will talk with you about your needs. You’ll receive a personalized assessment based on your easy SmartPath curation alignment process survey. Our proprietary survey asks questions about your learning audience, specific preferences and exact industry details.

Personalized Results

With the help of our team interpreting your needs, we next move onto curation. You may hand-select a custom course program based on your dynamic goals and tailored to your specific learners. Or, maybe you incorporate a pre-curated list that fits the exact needs of your workforce. Perhaps you’ll utilize our predictive machine driven curation — the Smart List tool — to use predictive technology and auto-aggregate the ideal course path for your workforce.

Let’s see what we can do together.

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Our curation doesn’t stop there.

Utilize Smart Lists for a customized course plan that puts you in control. Smart Lists is an advanced, interactive course recommendation tool giving you instant, tailored recommendations to suggest courses based on your exact needs and previous preferences. To create you a Smart List, log in to your OpenSesame account and get started. Curate, engage, track and update.

Custom Curation

Smart Lists is always learning from you. It takes into consideration your input: your industry size, preferences and recommendations. Plus, real time adaptive machine driven recommendations are based on your organization, previous course selections, completions, and learner ratings.

Save & Sort Your Organization’s Course Lists

You have power to be in control. Everything is custom within the Smart Lists. Adjust the recommendations, add your own course picks, create lists and and make it ideal for your learners.

Follow & Track Industry Trends

The Smart List relies on real-time industry trends to recommend courses. Stay up to date and ahead of the market.

Share & Recommend Courses

Smart Lists is collaborative by nature. You can tailor your lists to include exactly the courses you want. Your whole team can look at. Share and sort lists for the entire team.

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