Build a successful organization in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With the world’s largest curated elearning catalogue customized for your workforce.

Maintain productivity, boost morale, avoid risk, and exceed global market standards.

Global-ready training, ready to deploy immediately.

OpenSesame meets your organization’s international complexities —varying geographies, cultures, time zones, languages, and diverse roles.

Develop, grow and retain the world’s most competitive workforce.

Facing digital disruption, decreasing profit margins, and pressure on cost control—all while serving a multicultural and multilingual workforce—requires a competent and engaged workforce. Your employees need timely training to stay updated on the latest business trends, policies, and regulations.

Stay one step ahead of the global market

Organizations operating in Europe and the Middle East face a tough challenge. The global economy is evolving at lightspeed. Keeping pace with a dynamic and fluid international business environment is critical. Finding the right custom elearning for your group is vital.

Empower and engage the workforce of the future.

OpenSesame’s custom elearning extends beyond traditional, compulsory requirements to include immersive, experiential, business, leadership, and technology topics while building tomorrow’s skillsets.

How OpenSesame can help your global team.

We offer over 2,000 localized courses in 14 languages to help organisations improve employee knowledge and performance, retain and develop talent, and guide efforts in achieving globally recognized compliance, financial performance, and organizational excellence.

Created by the worlds top publishers, our catalog includes GDPR, criminal finances, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act training and more

Top talent development priorities for tomorrow’s workforce

Popular OpenSesame Courses

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Learn the seven basic principles of General Data Protection Regulation and more in this course from Video Arts.


Criminal Finances Act

Understand the organisation’s attitude to tax evasion and be aware of dos and don’ts in the workplace in this course from Engage in Learning.


Inspirational Leadership

Enhance your leadership by recognizing the key characteristics and skillsets of successful leaders in this course from Litmos Heroes.


Featured OpenSesame Publishers

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