Going Beyond Traditional eLearning OpenSesame Exclusive

Going Beyond Traditional eLearning OpenSesame Exclusive

Think outside the box, beyond traditional learning. OpenSesame sources and tailors incredible original courses. Reimagine training formats through style, presentation, topic areas creating fresh ways to train.

OpenSesame Exclusive Publishers

Boot Camp Digital

Boot Camp Digital is the global leader in digital and social media marketing training. Boot Camp Digital has the most extensive and comprehensive online training library. They have trained over one million marketers since 2007. What sets the training apart is its design for impact and results.



Want to stay up to date with the most innovative and captivating ideas, but struggle to find time to sit down and read a book? At Briefly, we take the business books everyone is talking about and break them into bite-sized courses you can explore on your lunch break or daily commute. You can listen to Briefly book summaries in a podcast-style format or read along at your own pace – the choice is yours.



OpenDoors brings the knowledge and experience of practicing DEI experts to help train for more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. Course topics include hiring for diversity, identifying and disrupting microaggressions, allyship, discovering your personal “why”, and more.



OpenMind believes in helping people be more productive, energized and happy by taking care of their bodies and minds. Presenting cinema-style, video-based training from experts in mindfulness, yoga, physical therapy, and other fields.


Amplify Voices

Amplify Voices amplifies diverse and inclusive leaders through content that expands minds and opens hearts by addressing purpose, leadership, mental health & well-being, education, and more. Amplify Voices is a collection of essential discussions for leaders, management, HR, and entrepreneurs.


On This Topic

On This Topic was created to capture, curate, and distribute the lessons gained from real life experiences of champions in sport. From athletes to coaches to executives, we connect you to compelling stories on key topics.


Breaking Barriers United

Recognizing that the future lies in the hands of our youth, Breaking Barriers United is an initiative which addresses current issues between law enforcement and the communities they serve, with a transparent approach.



In the hallowed halls of Dracolex – a bastion of creativity and innovation – the alchemists of e-learning have been fervently concocting elixirs of knowledge since 2011. The wizards at Dracolex, hold an unshakable faith in the ability of e-learning to metamorphose minds and lives. With a touch of their wands, they transmute mundane learning into something that sparks your imagination, caresses your memory, and sings a lullaby to your curiosity.


Lou Adler’s Performance-Based Hiring

Lou Adler’s Performance-based Hiring™ provides a blueprint for sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and retaining top talent. Unlike traditional approaches to hiring, which seek to match a set of skills to a person, Performance-based Hiring™ starts by defining the real work involved, not skills or experiences.


Management Pocketbooks

Speed of learning and transfer of knowledge lie at the heart of the Management Pocketbook courses. They are developed by skilled communicators, management and L&D professionals who know how to make their messages simple, accessible and of real practical value.


Healthy Minds Program

Healthy Minds Innovations is a global leader in translating science into tools to cultivate well-being. All courses are based on a scientific framework for understanding how human flourishing is a skill that can be practiced through meditation and other forms of mental training.


Everything Is On The Record

Everything Is On The Record brings relevant and timely instruction about the power and hazards of social media use for individuals and organizations. Subjects include understanding the crossover between a corporate and personal brand, simple steps to help you post more effectively and safely, scrubbing your social media, controlling media interviews, and more.



FutureThink is an award-winning, accelerated learning company. They quickly build the skills that matter most RIGHT NOW. Our accelerated, flexible learning solutions engage teams, help build business faster, and create a culture of collaboration from anywhere.


Ideas for Leaders

Ideas for Leaders reviews the latest research from the world’s top business schools and distills that information into concise, actionable Ideas. These ideas kick-start conversations about how people can change, develop and make organizations better places to work – and work better.


London School of Sales

London School of Sales was created for SALESPEOPLE by salespeople to provide you with the essential SALES SKILLS and techniques you need to overcome the daily challenges you face. LSOS is passionate about helping salespeople realise their potential and achieve sales growth. Their catalogue of e-learning courses will help you develop a PERSONAL TOOLKIT and the GROWTH MINDSET needed to excel in your sales career, whether you are just starting out, want to improve your performance or step up as a team leader.



MindForge, a subsidiary of the International Risk Management Institute, Inc (IRMI), provides the easiest way for contractors to take their safety and quality programs to the next level. MindForge establishes a digital connection with front line workforces, centralizes training in one place, makes content accessible on mobile devices, and provides an enjoyable training experience. Ultimately, their goal is to help save lives.



ORO brings short, story-based lessons from experts across disciplines from business success to leadership to climate change to the issues that impact today’s workforce. Our high quality, interview-style, short-form courses teach quick lessons while engaging the learner. Supplemented with downloadable resources to allow offline review and continued study.


Thirty Minute Mentors

Adam Mendler is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, educator, and nationally recognized authority on leadership. Adam is the creator and host of the business and leadership podcast Thirty Minute Mentors, where he regularly elicits insights from America’s top CEOs, founders, athletes, celebrities, and political and military leaders.


The highest quality and most engaging original content

Subject Matter Experts

Select courses from OpenSesame exclusive publishers that are subject matter experts from around the globe. Utilize their original content to advance your purpose beyond the basics of training with learning built into your workflow. Improve learning with subject matter from real world experience in categories of Business Skills, DEI, Wellness, and Industry Specific courses.

Diverse Training Approaches

OpenSesame Exclusive courses reflect diverse learning needs through a variety of content styles and approaches to serve a diverse scope of needs. These non-traditional styles such as live action storytelling, VR, and podcasts aim to help achieve higher engagement with learning material.

High Quality Course Experience

OpenSesame Exclusive focuses on high-quality content in line with OpenSesame standards to provide a consistent user experience. OpenSesame Exclusive merges our global curation and content expertise with the production value of the world’s top elearning content creators resulting in courses only available here. These courses receive consistent high ratings as well as high levels of engagement from learners.

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Popular Exclusive Courses

OpenSesame Exclusive helps in finding courses that focus on different skills that go beyond traditional training needs. Browse these 3 popular Exclusive courses that focus on a variety of topics.

Defining Your “Why” in DEI

In this course, you will learn to define the meaning of a personal “why” in the context of DEI. You’ll also use an identity wheel to identify your “why” and practice a technique to develop your “why.”


90 Seconds to Emotional Resilience

This course teaches a framework for dealing with strong emotions. The 90-second rule, created by a renowned neuroanatomist, leverages the brain’s wiring to provide a simple coping strategy to respond to challenging moments.


Communicate a Clear Vision

You’ll learn the importance of having a specific vision and clearly communicating it with your team. You’ll discover a simple exercise you can use to find out whether your team’s goals are aligned.


Popular Webinars

Browse these 3 popular webinars that focus on a variety of topics.

Burnout In Leadership: What It Does & How To Avoid It

Employers are fighting to keep their employees happy and healthy, but are they doing the same for themselves?


Killing Complexity – Why Simple Wins

CEO and TED-talk veteran Lisa Bodell will discuss techniques to eradicate complexity and get back to meaningful work that drives innovative change.


What Can Pro Sports Teach Us About the Power of Risks?

Paul DePodesta and Mike Tannenbaum, sit down with sportscaster Brian Berger to discuss how lessons from their sports careers taught them to weather setbacks. Learn more.


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