DEI Webinar Series 

Check out the recordings from the DEI Webinar Series with Liza Wisner, Senior DEI Curation Specialist at OpenSesame

Diversity Statements

What’s a good diversity statement and why are they important?

Get a DEI pulse check

See where your organization grades on the DEI index

Taking DEI from concept to habit

Learn the process of taking your DEI strategy from an idea to a best practice

How to support accessible training for all

See how OpenSesame is building a world where everyone can access the training they need to advance their purpose

Diversity training that educates, motivates and influences

Learn from the Co-Founder of Traliant on considerations to take when developing DEI content  

Microaggressions: Hidden messages and the microinterventions that disarm them

Hear from the SunShower Learning team about how to recognize and reduce microaggressions in your organization

Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a Part of Your Health and Wellness Program

In this session, OpenSesame’s Senior Curator of Safety, Compliance, Health and Wellness will examine the importance of incorporating health and wellness into your DE&I strategies.

Unpacking the Research: 7 Strategies to Improve Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion as a Business Driver

Learn from Liza Wisner, OpenSesame’s Senior DEI Curation Specialist, and dive into 7 strategies to elevate your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion training programs.

How an eLearning Developer approaches DEI

What should you look at first before deciding on content, format and interactivity?

DEI Training that makes a difference

This session will provide you with practical tools to foster a culture of respect.