The Future of Work Podcast

The Future of Work Podcast

With companies across the globe developing plans to bring their workforce back to the office, David Perring, Director of Research, at Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR analyst, joins Mehdi Tounsi, Senior Regional Director, Europe at OpenSesame, for an extensive conversation around 4 main topics:

Hybrid Work, Workplace Wellbeing, Optimizing the Effectiveness of a Virtual Team, and Becoming an Agile Workforce.

Episode Details

Return to Work in a Hybrid Environment

  • David and Mehdi discuss strategic ways you can create a hybrid work environment that keeps everyone connected, promotes talent development, and celebrates the culture you’ve built. 
  • Themes: mentoring, coaching, soft skills, behavior, interaction in the hybrid world

Length 12 min.

Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing

  • Learn how to maintain culture, develop good habits, and stay engaged while not always being present in the office
  • Themes: diversity, sense of belonging, connecting with people, virtual onboarding, make the most out of face-to-face meetings

Length 8 min.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of a Virtual Team

  • Understand the effects on coaching and mentoring: How to give continuous feedback in virtual environments 
  • Themes: processes, learning to manage virtual teams, coordinating the office presence, change management, internal mobility

Length 9 min.

Agile Workforce

  • Find out what’s trending in L&D and how you can use elearning content to drive behavior change in your organization
  • Themes: agile organization, responding to change, performance management

Length 8 min

Featuring Mehdi Tounsi & David Perring

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