Blossom LMS



Blossom’s advanced and robust platform has been evolving since 2007. Today, the platform has achieved the world’s highest levels of innovation, proficiency, and scalability, bringing learning, collaboration and digital transformation to organizations all over the world.

With its advanced Digital Workspaces, the Blossom platform is designed to give organizations the ability to modernize for the 21st century. The simple intuitive interface is ideal for remote operations, enabling employees, contractors, and partners to upskill, learn, engage and collaborate wherever they are, from any device, at any time.

Blossom’s platform has multiple built-in and integrated capabilities that support efficient remote teamwork, including:

  • LMS Learning, training, and certification – Manage digital learning, face-to-face or video lessons, and complex certifications and refresher training requirements.
  • LXP upskilling and personal development – Users can learn and upskill independently from content curated and recommended according to their job description, knowledge level, and personal interests.
  • Content creation, distribution, and sharing – Create text-based, video, podcasts, and other interactive content, share with teammates and distribute to partners and colleagues.
  • Digital Workspaces – Employees can easily create and share knowledge, interact with one another, leave comments or ask questions on a variety of topics, enabling an effective, professional digital-based workforce
  • Multiple Video communication options – Enable employees to use a range of video communication and collaboration tools, one-on-one video calls and video conferencing, the option to add external users, chats and chatrooms forum, and a messaging system with email integration.
  • Digital onboarding & on-the-job training (OJT) – The Blossom platform can be used for comprehensive onboarding and coaching of new employees, even when working remotely. Fellow employees can train their teammates according to a set of predefined tasks and even add new tasks according to the company’s needs.
  • Team tasks and project management – Easily create and manage work tasks, enable commenting, the ability to add content and communicate on each task and project.
  • Additional modules – Sophisticated e-learning, training administration, performance evaluations, e-forms, workflows, portals, gamification, employees’ digital files, events registration, certification and renewals, dashboards, reports, and BI.

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