SkyPrep LMS



SkyPrep is an easy-to-use, cloud based, online training platform, designed for businesses, and knowledge providers that want to train, test, and manage their employees or clients.

Creating courses is a simple process, and starts by uploading existing content such as PowerPoint presentations, training videos, Word documents or any other file type. Then, the testing platform allows users to create quizzes and tests with various question formats. Course building is as easy as picking-and-choosing from your repository of content and tests.

After inviting users to the platform, there are plenty of tools for managing, and tracking the activity, and performance of all your users. With real-time performance summaries, and analytic reports, you will always be informed of all the activity on your platform.

We also offer plenty of customization options to personalize your training platform. From custom domain names, theme, and logo, you can make your users feel like they are doing their training directly from your own website.

Developing, and training your employees or clients will never get any easier or more affordable.

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