Workday LMS

Integrate OpenSesame and Workday for centralized training

Discover a better way for employees to learn with OpenSesame’s expansive elearning catalog. Access a wide range of high-quality courses by award-winning, subject matter experts—all delivered, tracked and updated within the Workday platform. 

Conveniently access training content in Workday

OpenSesame’s integration with Workday Learning empowers employees to quickly discover and access courses through the familiar Workday interface. This makes training more accessible and allows your staff to more easily develop their skills and knowledge.

Personalized training experiences for each learner

Take advantage of a wide range of styles, languages, and formats to meet diverse learning preferences. Whether your employees learn best through animations, book summaries, presenter-focused, podcasts, virtual reality, or other formats, we have the content to meet their needs.

Simplify time-consuming administrative tasks

Our integration saves you time and effort, keeping your courses up-to-date automatically and tracking course completion for every learner. These streamlined workflows help you manage your courses and gain insight into how your training program is performing, without any extra administrative burden.

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