White Paper

DEI Strategy #2: Establish and Demonstrate Strong DEI Values for Greater Business Impact

Through a partnership with research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group, OpenSesame has distilled the latest in DEI benchmarking and progress research; and created a seven-part white paper series that reveals seven strategies that transform your DEI initiatives.


A bedrock for any kind of DEI plan, is to establish organizational values and communicate them across the enterprise. Top executives must support, reinforce, and demonstrate these values from the start. 


Learn about:

  • Developing trust by taking action that helps DEI initiatives take root and grow.
  • Creating impact through building systems transparency with ongoing communication.
  • Building momentum through accountability and developing goals measures to gauge success.


Empowering specific DEI leaders to create communication across the enterprise develops trust, transparency, and accountability. Discover how setting DEI values can impact your business.