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Designed and continuously updated by industry experts, our wide variety of courses ensure your learners get the relevant training they need anytime, anywhere.


High-tech companies and IT organizations face constant pressure to stay up to date and certified on the latest tools. OpenSesame works with you to choose the right mix of courses to train your employees on the most in-demand skills.

Retail industry


The rapidly changing retail industry faces a unique set of challenges including high employee turnover, decreasing profit margins, and stringent consumer privacy regulations. OpenSesame can help you design an effective training program to develop and retain your workforce as well as position your organization for a secure and successful future.


Banks, financial institutions, CPA firms and corporate accounting teams have many industry-specific training requirements. OpenSesame partners with the top content providers, giving you easy access to the content you need to train staff and business-critical tasks from customer service to counterfeit detection.


The highest-performing service organizations set themselves apart through well-trained employees. In spite of high or seasonal turnover, you need to quickly ramp up your employees so they can deliver the best customer service.


Employees of healthcare organizations need consistent training to comply to industry regulations and keep their patients safe. Train your employees to improve patient safety and satisfaction as well as achieve financial performance and organizational excellence.


With a wide range of courses from the leading safety and compliance content providers, OpenSesame makes it easy for you to build a complete training program. Improve the safety and performance of your workers whether they work at a desk or on the shop floor.

GDPR compliant


Government organizations and public-sector agencies have complex training needs. OpenSesame provides your agency with a wide range of compliant courses, empowering employees to serve their communities effectively.

How OpenSesame helps government agencies

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