Workplace diversity: from pledge to action

The Portland tech sector is home to hundreds of innovative companies that contribute to the area’s economic growth. And yet we can still do better when it comes to building a stronger tech community. Our industry lacks diversity. Women, people of color, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities are underrepresented. And we want to change that.

It’s why OpenSesame has joined over 50 PDX tech companies in taking the TechTownPDX diversity pledge. We understand that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success and core to our growth. We pledge that we will commit resources, energy, and attention to becoming a more diverse, inclusive company.

To unleash workplace diversity, we pledge to:

Increase hiring of women, people of color, LGBTQ, disabled and other underrepresented communities.
Educate staff on workplace biases and implement training designed to eliminate them.
Collaborate with inner-city high schools on intern and work-study programs.
Provide internal development and progression programs and ensure underrepresented employees can access them.
Share our data on the demographic representation within our company for collective learning with other likeminded PDX organizations.

We are committed to building a workforce that showcases the real PDX: diverse and inclusive.

“We are striving to hire talented, intellectually curious and diverse people who feel confident challenging how we think. We want people from all walks of life who experiment and take risks, so we can approach problems with multiple points of view to drive business results.”
- Don Spear
, Chief Executive Officer