8 Sites To Outsource eLearning Content Development

Creating quality elearning materials is vital to the success of your teaching programs. They can help your students take in the topics you’re covering, and help them practice their skills. However, you don’t always have the time to make all those materials yourself. When you need a helping hand, these eight websites can give you everything you need.

1. Find eLearning Experts: This site offers you a wealth of experts, right at your fingertips. You post the job you need to be done, such as creating an app, and give a budget that you can afford. You then post your job online, and freelancers will bid to do the work for you. You’ll be able to hire a great worker at a reasonable price.

2. Boom Custom Essay: This writing service is dedicated to creating copy that focuses on academia, so if you need anything written for your resources, they’re the people for you. Give them your topic and they’ll create a resource your students can really learn from.

3. Designing Digitally: This site can create games for your classes that will let them learn in new and exciting ways. Games can help them engage with the content in a way they may not be able to with other, more traditional teaching methods.

4. Essay Writer: When your students come to write essays or assignments on the topics you give them, this is the place to send them. The expert writers here can help them get their essay structure and style right, meaning that they’ll find it much easier to get their assignments written.

5. Veed: Videos are a great way of getting information across to your students, especially if you’re spread out geographically. This service can create bespoke videos just for you, so you can have videos made to fit in with your curriculum. You can have full length videos, or have the same video cut up into ‘micro’ videos. There’s lots of scope when you think about what videos can be used for.

6. Learning Pool: The people at this site can build elearning modules for you from the ground up. You can either custom built modules, or ‘off the shelf’ ones if that style fits you better. Their content is tested to work on multiple devices too, so you should never have an issue with a student being unable to access your content. If you do have any problems, there’s a customer support team waiting to help you.

7. UK Assignment Writing Service: Do you feel like your own writing skills could use some help before you get started creating your own content? Get in touch with the writers here. You can send them your own work for them to proofread and edit, or you can work with them in collaboration and create new elearning modules from scratch. Before long, you’ll have picked up a lot of useful tools and tricks to writing elearning content.

8. Contently: This is one of the top content creation companies in the world, and it shows. They can create excellent content that your students can really engage with, wherever they are. There’s also a useful analysis tool, that shows you lots of useful data on your content. Now, you can see who’s interacting with it and who needs a bit more help understanding the topic at hand.

Before you start your new elearning topics, check out these sites first. You’ll find that they take a lot of the stress and the guesswork out of the process. You may even learn a thing or two about building your own content in the process.

About the Author: Mary Walton is an E-learning specialist from Santa Monica. She’s blogging at Simple Grad. Follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin!