Breaking Barriers United with Ryan Tillman

The relationship between American citizens and law enforcement is contentious and politically divided, particularly within the Black community. One man is working to bridge that gap.

Addressing misconceptions between law enforcement and communities

Ryan Tillman, police officer with the Chino Police Department, started Breaking Barriers United (BBU) as a way to address current issues and repair misconceptions between the police and the communities they serve.

Growing up, Ryan had negative experiences with law enforcement. But after becoming an officer and completing the field training program in 2013, he experienced things from the other side. It’s from this experience that he realized an opportunity to spread awareness, and BBU was born.

At BBU, Ryan and his team recognize that true social change lies in America’s youth. He and his team work with community leaders, educators, parents, and students to conduct workshops on different topics within schools. These include expressing honest opinions about law enforcement, working together across diverse backgrounds, and building confidence in oneself in order to better manage the impact of bullying. Ultimately, the goal is to be transparent and work to unite instead of divide – while hopefully building new community leaders.

In addition to his advocacy work, Ryan and BBU have partnered with OpenSesame to create several courses for officers and other leaders on addressing unconscious bias, racial profiling, and more. 

To learn more about Ryan and BBU – join us for our upcoming webinar, Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and the Community. 

A large part of reconciling differences – in any community –  is having a strong foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. To learn more about how you can improve the DEI messaging within your organization, we encourage you to check out our curated list of courses.