Digital learning in the new way of work

Digital learning in the new way of work

In a recent OpenSesame webinar, David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group, and Medhi Tounsi, Senior Regional Director at OpenSesame, explored digital learning in the new way of work. Fosway Group is Europe’s leading HR and consulting research group. In this webinar, David Perring uses Fosway’s Digital Learning Realities Research conducted at the start of the year to discuss how ready we were for the L&D crisis brought on by COVID-19 and the challenges that lie ahead.

Companies have been working on a digital transformation for years. According to Forbes, 70% of companies were thinking about digital transformation but were not far enough along to make the rapid changes that COVID-19 required. When the pandemic hit, many companies had to transition their workforce to a virtual one, faced a huge economic shock, and were forced to adapt quickly. 

    • 71% of organizations experienced an increased demand for digital learning from end users 
    • 82% of organizations experienced demand for digital learning from senior stakeholders
    • Organizations with mature digital learning approaches were twice as likely to report that they found coping with the pandemic easy

Organizations have used many different kinds of learning content during the pandemic, the most successful being:

    • Video content
    • Curated content
    • Mobile learning
    • Blended learning

Learning has also been delivered in many different ways, the most successful being:

    • 53%– Virtual classroom
    • 48%– Learning experience platform
    • 36%– Collaborative Learning
    • 29%– Learning management system

The pandemic has changed the way we live and learn. Only 5% of the companies surveyed think that their learning strategy will go back to what it was pre COVID-19. This has created an opportunity for companies to create an agile learning mix. This mix connects individual pupils, experts, employees, and the L&D team. It fosters learning as you go, creating an educational culture, and putting learners in the driving seat. The nature of supporting learning must also be shifted. Learning must be looked at for today’s results, for future success, and for yourself. 

Fosway’s Digital Learning Realities Research showed that COVID-19 pushed organizations out of their comfort zones and created innovative ways of learning that may not have been explored until years from now. People are more willing to explore, create and adjust on the spot. Watch the webinar to hear more about these changes and how the workplace is evolving.

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