How prioritizing personal wellness can boost organizational productivity

As part of our Learning Unlocked webinar series, we sat down with global changemakers and experts to evaluate some of the most critical challenges affecting an organization’s learning and development objectives. Scroll to the bottom to watch those free discussions. 

For the longest time, it seemed that whenever wellness was brought up or discussed, the primary topic was focused around your physical health – getting annual exams, offering-up fitness solutions, pushing people to get some sleep. But as wellness has grown in popularity and as people have grown more comfortable discussing their wellness, so have the areas that exist within wellness expanded. Now, when companies put together wellness programs, they are looking far beyond their workforce’s physical health, and finding ways to boost wellness in all aspects of their lifestyle.

In doing so, today’s wellness programs have become vital parts of an organization’s benefits, and are widely seen as a top way to attract and retain talent. Not every employee is necessarily going to embrace every aspect of wellness, but most will embrace some, and by doing so, you’ll not only put them on a path for professional success, but you will also see an increase in company-wide productivity. So how can you help? It all starts by identifying the key factor in wellness prevention: stress. Stress is the biggest cause of common illness, and unfortunately, the biggest cause of stress is work. But if this fact reveals anything, it’s that you and your leadership have the ability to control the situation. 

Here are some key next steps:

  • Invest in employee’s long and short term health by building a culture that promotes openness and support around an individual’s wellness needs.
  • Develop a wellness program that can be personalized to individuals within your workforce.
  • Offer up wellness programs that promote both activity and discussion.
  • Don’t try to be a superhero. Encourage and empower others to build wellness initiatives.

Wellness empowerment can come from anywhere inside or outside the organization. The long term benefits of wellness programs show that it’s an investment worth making. And, with everyone still feeling the effects of the pandemic, now is the best time to start building a robust wellness program. To help you get started, we sat down and had discussions with wellness experts, as part of our free webinar series, Learning Unlocked. These conversations are sure to get your employees moving and thinking, while offering up creative ideas for you to help them continue their journey.