OpenSesame announces expansion of OpenSesame Plus subscription with Axonify micro-content

Global 2000 enterprises now have access to a curated elearning micro-course library proven to drive knowledge retention

Portland, OR – 31 August 2021 – OpenSesame, a market-leading SaaS global elearning innovator, today announced the addition of Axonify to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to bring microlearning courses to frontline employees and beyond. With this announcement, OpenSesame continues to expand on its mission of offering training for all employees in every role, organization, and industry vertical. 

Axonify is a modern training and communications solution that offers high-quality, interactive, micro-courses that fit into the flow of work and drive knowledge retention. Delivering knowledge in smaller bites more often helps learners easily recall information when they need it on the job.

The comprehensive library of micro-courses from Axonify has been built for key verticals such as Retail, Grocery, Contact Centers, Financial Services, and Distribution. With a growing library of over 300 courses on subjects such as: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Business Skills, Effective Communication, Leadership, Sales, Harassment Prevention, and Safety, Axonify’s library helps keep learners engaged and performing at their best.


“Axonify is creating unique content designed for frontline and industry specific roles. By adding their content library of over 200 microlearning courses, we will be able to fill critical training needs for our customers,” said Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. 

“Axonify is pleased to partner with OpenSesame to offer our robust library of hundreds of micro-courses to the thousands of global enterprises that use OpenSesame’s Content Marketplace,” said Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. “Our customers experience high employee engagement with our content, which drives continuous growth in their knowledge and confidence. We’re thrilled that this expanded access to our content will give more employees easy access to the learning they need to improve their on-the-job performance and overall wellbeing.” 

About OpenSesame

OpenSesame helps develop the world’s most productive and admired workforces through powerful online learning in every industry. With the most comprehensive catalog of elearning courses from the world’s top publishers, OpenSesame helps global companies every step of the way. In a moment of an increasingly virtual workforce, OpenSesame has added even more Global 2000 companies to its customer base. With over 20,000+ courses, the platform touches all industries in all markets.

About Axonify

Axonify gets frontline employees ready for anything with a training and communications solution that actually works. Why does it work so well? Because the experience is fun, fast, personalized, and designed to make critical information stick. And employees love it—83% of users log in 2-3 times a week, which translates into meaningful behavior change that drives business results. 

More than 160 customers in 150+ countries around the world, including Walmart, Kroger, Levi’s, and Merck, trust Axonify to fuel their people’s performance to keep pace with their business.

Founded in 2011, Axonify is headquartered in Waterloo, ON Canada. 

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