Why your workplace is craving wellness content and how to get started today

In a recent OpenSesame webinar, Charise Frias, Senior Curation Specialist at OpenSesame, highlighted the ever-growing need for wellness content and insights in how to incorporate it into a workplace culture. Charise is a certified yoga instructor and has spent time in India learning about mindfulness, breathing techniques, medicine, and is passionate about the value of adding wellness content to our customers’ corporate training programs.

With the transition from in-office to remote working, it can be difficult to get yourself out of bed and feel productive. This is why infusing mindfulness, meditation and/or physical activity into employees’ daily schedules is so crucial. In the webinar, Charise explained that it is preventative of burnout and fatigue. It encourages employees to look forward to going or logging into work. A workplace culture that is focused on wellness ultimately creates a comfortable and healthy environment for all employees.

Charise had listed three different tips on how to incorporate wellness content into a company’s culture that are currently being implemented into OpenSesame’s daily calendar:

– Meditation breaks

– Stretch breaks

– Team incentives

Meditation breaks as well as stretch breaks are highly encouraged to be daily, recurring activities in a company’s schedule. While they are optional, this provides employees who are feeling unmotivated or unproductive an opportunity to focus on mindfulness and take a break from their screen. These breaks don’t need to involve much more than a couple stretches sitting in your desk chair. It is most important for you and your employees to focus on relaxation instead of the constant demands of your jobs. An additional component of creating this culture is team incentives where a team must work together doing a physical activity. This creates a game for the employees which is an effective way to increase engagement. 

OpenSesame offers an extensive list of courses covering topics such as mindfulness and meditation, mental health awareness, nutrition and fitness, remote work best practices and resilience. Resilience has been a key topic for the pandemic as many employees have been under additional stress and had to overcome an increasing amount of hardships. 

Within these categories, our course publisher OpenMind are an in-house publisher that produces high-quality videos on the topic of mindfulness to check out. TED and iAM Learning also feature videos and courses regarding the topics of sleep, isolation, mental health, and stress. For more ideas on content, check out our curated lists for easy access to wellness training and courses. Some of these topics include:

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Wellness Tips- Guided Movement and Exercise Breaks

Everyday Wellbeing Series by Maestro

Finding ways to incorporate these wellness strategies as well as courses into your daily workplace culture will allow for an all around happier, healthier and more productive workforce. To learn more, watch the webinar here. 

With courses offered in multiple languages, and available on multiple devices we help companies like yours evolve the world’s most developed and admired global workforces. For more information on how OpenSesame can save you time and money by curating the right courses for your organization, contact us at info@opensesame.com today.