future of hospitality

The great change for hospitality and its workers

“Watching their livelihoods crumble and scared of getting sick, many are fighting despair and struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” This quote encapsulates the experience of hospitality workers during the pandemic. Hospitality workers have faced much turmoil when the pandemic hit, and are still struggling as they face on-and-off closures of restaurants and hotels. What will the future look like for these workers?

What it’s like to work in hospitality right now

“This is an industry where you help people. You please people. It gives great satisfaction to fill that need — and to feel needed,” said Greater Boston Concierge Association founder Amy Finsilver (Bostonglobe.com). Many have reported that working in hospitality right now looks like low pay, long hours, and lots of pressure. Whether you’re a store owner or employee, there’s a lot of strain on mental health and financial stability. Fear of permanent closure plagues all restaurant owners as there is no immunity during this uncertain time, along with the persisting fear of catching the coronavirus while hospitality workers are actually working. 

What does the future of hospitality look like?

All restaurants have health inspections, but the future of restaurants has a much greater focus on cleanliness, and customers are seeking full transparency on just how clean they really are. Aside from certified health inspectors, some customers are posing a similar role as they are skeptical of contracting the coronavirus at one of these establishments. Hotels alike, customers are weary. The future of hospitality workers looks like extra initiatives for a clean workplace, as well as full transparency to customers and residents (Forbes.com). Things like QR code menus, single-use menus, and take out will continue into the future, as they limit the risk of passing the coronavirus. Hospitality workers may be required to attend classes on health practices and cope with increased stress in the workplace. 

How can I support the hospitality industry while still being safe?

There are people that support local restaurants by doing take out dining during lockdowns. Ordering from your favorite local restaurant(s) is a great and safe way to support their business and ensure they can put their own food on the table for their families. If you can’t afford take out dining, spreading the word about different restaurants and establishments is another way to show your support. The world of hospitality has changed and will continue to, so it is important to stand with small business owners and help out one another. 


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