2013 Learning Resolutions Wrap Up

We never could have anticipated the insightful, game-changing answers we received from our network of industry leaders when we asked what they resolved to change or improve about their work in 2013.

There was an emphasis on focus and slowing things down, as well as a resolve to disrupt. We hope this amazing collection of Learning Resolutions inspired you to create a list of goals for your professional practice this year.

And don’t worry! When you begin to feel your motivation wane in March, you can come back and visit. Just be sure to bookmark this page.

  1. Bringing Design and Inspiration to Everyday Work by Judy Unrein
  2. Working Less to Accomplish More by David Glow
  3. The Challenges of Bridging the Gap by Clive Lewis
  4. Disrupt, Interact, and Get Mobile by Connie Malamed
  5. Design Experiences, Not Content by Kevin Thorn
  6. Make it Instant, Personal and Difficult by Elliott Masie
  7. Learning Resolutions: How Delightful! by Julie Dirksen
  8. The Habit of Mindfulness by Cammy Bean
  9. Thinking Big in 2013 by Holly MacDonald
  10. Addressing the Freelancer’s Dilemma by Bruce Graham
  11. Chasing Learning Squirrels by Lisa Chamberlin
  12. Make the Investment in Yourself by Mike Taylor
  13. Slow & Simplify by Mark Britz
  14. Keep Practicing by Melissa A. Venable
  15. Be More Selfish by Mark Sheppard

Which Learning Resolution was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.