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Free course of the week: Mindfulness for organizations

In service industries, the customer is always right, but that simple phrase isn’t an all-encompassing directive for great customer service. A key part of providing satisfying customer service is treating even the most difficult clients with kindness and compassion, a skill that takes practice and training.   In OpenSesame’s free course of the week, learn how… Read more »

Free Course of the Week: The Power of Gratitude

After Thanksgiving, we’ve been feeling extra thankful for the great people in our community who have been a source of support and inspiration in what has been a hectic and at times isolating year. However, sometimes it can be difficult to take time to appreciate the people we’re grateful for and even harder to properly… Read more »

Free course of the week: Building a respectful workplace

Free course of the week: Building a respectful workplace

Feeling respected and valued at work is vital for a company’s morale and culture. If workers do not feel respected by their peers and supervisors, they may begin to search for work elsewhere.  The benefits of a respectful workplace include better morale, teamwork, lower absenteeism, lower turnover of staff, and improved productivity. Low turnover may… Read more »