3 Ways OpenSesame Integration Makes Your L&D Job Easier

Efficiency—it’s something we all want to have more of in our jobs. It’s incredibly helpful and satisfying when you find a new process or tool that saves you time in your day-to-day work. 

And these days, as Learning and Development professionals are asked to tackle increasingly complex challenges, finding ways to save time on routine tasks is critical. That’s where OpenSesame’s relationships with world class partners come into play. By integrating directly with many of the top learning platforms out there, we make it easier to find the right courses for your workforce, ensure a smooth delivery to your learners, and get regular, actionable reporting on how your training program is working. 

OpenSesame’s integration basics

Whether your organization uses a learning management system (LMS) or a learning experience platform (LXP), so long as it is standards-compliant, it’s compatible with OpenSesame courses. Course packages can be downloaded in the appropriate format and uploaded into those tools. 

But OpenSesame also integrates directly with many of the leading learning platforms, like Ceridian Dayforce, Docebo, Workday, and more. The complete list is available here, and it’s growing all the time—we added 20 new integrations in 2022 alone. 

This direct integration removes much of the manual work required to administer an L&D program, enabling a simpler, more convenient way to acquire and deliver new courses. Here are three ways OpenSesame and direct integration will make your L&D job easier:

Find relevant, quality courses faster

An L&D program is only as strong as the training it provides to learners. But creating high quality courses that are both accurate and engaging is no small task—it takes a lot of time and resources! 

When you pair OpenSesame with your learning platform, you have more than 30,000 courses from world class publishers available to choose from, so you can find the training that best aligns with your organization’s objectives. Our catalog categories span compliance, DEI, leadership and management, safety, technology, and more, with courses available in a variety of formats and languages to meet the needs of your learners. You can mix and match content from a variety of publishers, creating a curriculum that’s perfectly tailored to your organization.

And while you have access to all of this top-notch training, you don’t have to spend hours finding the material that’s right for your workforce. OpenSesame uses cutting-edge tech to create lists of recommended courses on critical topics, like how to foster inclusive leadership, OSHA 10 equivalencies, or preparing for project management certification. And our team of curators—each an expert in one of our catalog categories—is always standing by to recommend the best fit for your specific objectives.

Automate routine tasks

Finding quality training is one thing, but making it accessible to your learners and monitoring its utility long-term are their own distinct challenges. Typically, this can mean manually downloading and uploading course packages, or remembering to check the original sources regularly to see if any of the course metadata has been updated—or if the course itself is being retired! These are all critical tasks, but they can be time consuming and tedious. Not with OpenSesame, though.

When a learning platform partners with OpenSesame, that direct integration automates this routine maintenance work. Courses can be added to your training library in seconds with just a few clicks, no downloads required. And all the courses in your library are synced daily with the OpenSesame catalog, so any changes in course description or other metadata are reflected in your system. 

If a course is set to be retired, not only will you be alerted to this in advance, but our sophisticated AI will recommend appropriate replacements. You can easily view the status of all the courses in your learning platform through the My Courses dashboard, and archive, remove, or restore courses from this view, too. 

Easily monitor your program’s progress

When a learning platform is integrated with OpenSesame, the daily syncs that occur don’t just look at course information—they look at learner engagement too. This gives you detailed reporting into key metrics like course completions, ratings, and learner engagement. 

Having this data neatly presented in a dashboard makes it easy to identify trends and evaluate the effectiveness of your learning program. You’ll spend less time trying to interpret the data, so you’ll have more time to act on the patterns that data is communicating. 

In a nutshell, OpenSesame’s direct integration with many of the world’s top learning platforms is a critical time saver for anyone managing an L&D program. Take the hassle out of finding, managing, and tracking the completion of the right training for your team, and focus more on what really matters—making your L&D program that much more effective.