5 eLearning Courses to Get You Started with eLearning

You’re excited about creating your first elearning course. You have expertise in a useful topic and you want to share your insights. Excited to get started, you log on to check out various elearning blogs, message boards and social media groups. After just half an hour, your head is spinning. LMS, MOOC, SCORM… Gamification, authoring tools, summative evaluation… Suddenly, the technical details, diverging opinions, and semantics of the elearning world are standing in the way of you and your big ideas.

Take a deep breath. We have the tools you need. Listed below are four courses that work together as an elearning “starter kit”. Taking all or any one of these courses will give you a strong foundation for creating elearning content of your own.

Essential Principles for eLearning

This course from Halcyon Education Technology offers an excellent introduction to all things elearning. By the end of this course, you’ll have the vocabulary and technical know-how to confidently navigate the elearning waters.

Length: 4 hours
Price: $195.00

508 Compliance for eLearning

This course from Halcyon Education Technology equips you with the knowledge of how to make your elearning courses accessible to differently abled learners. You’ll learn what Section 508 is, and when it’s necessary to make your elearning courses compliant.

Length: 4 hours
Price: $195.00

Articulate eLearning Series

If you’ve decided to use Articulate to create your elearning courses, Stone River eLearning has a full series of 6 courses about the popular authoring tool. These courses cover topics from narration to animation to publishing your first elearning course.

Length: 16 – 54 minutes
Price: $10.00 each

SCORM Series

If you’re interested in exploring the more technical side of elearning, JCA Solutions has a set of in depth SCORM-related courses. From metadata to sequencing, content objects to data transfer methods, this series has everything you need to become a Sharable Content Object Reference Model expert.

Length: 40 minutes – 2 hours and 20 minutes
Price: $75 – $100

Teach Almost Anyone Almost Anything

This course is designed for individuals who are not experienced at writing courses, but find they need to do so. It’s a great primer for those interested in learning about how to teach. You’ll learn the basics of the instrutional design discipline in very simple and clear terms, using real-world examples. Resources are suggested for future reference.

Length: 45 minutes
Price: $19.99

Seasoned elearning professionals: what resources did you use to help you develop your skills? Let us know in the comments.