5 Little Things Automated Learning Gets Right that Add Up to BIG eLearning Payoff

We all know what good elearning should be like, and we know it when we see it. It should be engaging and easy-to-use, while educating people to work more effectively – but what does that actually mean on a slide by slide basis?

OpenSesame seller Automated Learning understands that only by taking care of the details can you achieve excellence in elearning. ALC specializes in providing online training courses focused on workplace learning. Course content ranges from Lean enterprise processes applicable to most industries and businesses to niche topics like ESD control, applicable to manufacturing and electrical assembly. Looking over their customer testimonials, it is striking that many of the comments are about specific items that Automated Learning delivers beyond just being ‘great’ (which they certainly are).

Because ALC is in the business of helping organizations to become more productive and produce higher quality offerings, it is important that their elearning is accurate, comprehensive, and memorable. Listed below are 5 points – based on real testimonials by ALC customers – detailing how ALC delivers value to their learners.

1. Accurate content – When it comes to online training, users are expecting the most up-to-date and accurate information available about the lesson topic. It goes without saying that elearning content should be meticulously researched, and updated if necessary to ensure that learners are getting the best available information. ALC’s course offerings are developed together with industry experts ensuring their accuracy and relevance.

2. Content speaks directly to the target learner – If elearning content isn’t created with an audience in mind, it will flop. If the course does not speak directly to learners’ needs – their workplace knowledge gaps, hopes and desires – it won’t keep their attention. ALC gets rave reviews for providing exactly the information needed by manufacturing workers to do their jobs more efficiently. For instance, this course – ESD: An Introduction – provides the necessary background to understanding electrostatic discharge, and how it can impact their specific work environment. Additionally, this course – Lean Manufacturing: Total Productive Maintenance – assumes a basic understanding of lean concepts and digs into the specifics of Lean principles as applied to manufacturing, including concepts like the five pillars of TPM and various maintenance types.

3. Clear video and audio – With content that is 100% accurate and written with a specific audience in mind, ALC provides professional narration and relevant graphics. This means learners are not only receiving the best information available delivered to them in their ‘language’, but they can hear and see everything clearly as well. This is especially important in courses focused on highly detailed technical knowledge, like these ALC courses on semiconductors and resistors.

4. Retention tools – How does good elearning ensure that learners really understand this content? Long quizzes at the very end of a course are one of the worst ways to test learning retention. Automated Learning helps learners succeed by checking their knowledge with little quizzes interspersed throughout the lesson. Course concepts are clearly illustrated through a combination of clear language and relevant graphics, and the learner’s knowledge is tested periodically with interactive questioning that confirms their understanding. The final exam process adds an extra reinforcement by acknowledging the correct answer as each question is completed.

5. Excellent customer service – Finally, not every course will always deploy perfectly. Sometimes you’ll need to call on the training provider to help out with technical details. Automated Learning excels at helping their clients be successful in their training programs and at their jobs by providing great customer service.

When choosing an elearning provider, it is important to take these five points into consideration. Otherwise, you risk having your training initiative turn out to be a flop. ALC training delivers on each of these 5 points, as proven by their glowing customer testimonials. For more examples of the excellent elearning that learners rave about, be sure to check out Automated Learning’s seller profile.

(Image credit: Autoneum’s Flickr)