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5 Things We Hate To Buy

Part of being an adult is occasionally having to do things you hate. Some of these things are innately unpleasant. You have to take out the trash, go to the dentist, complete projects at work you detest and clean up after your dog at the park. But, some of the things we hate are not innately unpleasant. Some of these things could be neutral or even enjoyable tasks. Shopping, for example, has been proven to flood our brain with the pleasure chemical dopamine. We feel ‘shoppers’ high’ when we’re in a position to purchase something. Why then are certain buying experiences so miserable?

Below, I’ve listed 5 things we hate to buy, and why buying them is such a horrible experience.

5. Credit Cards – Credit card companies make their money by dinging you with fees, charging you absurd interest rates, selling your information to mailing lists, and all kinds of other devious means. You know they’re doing it, but the allure of getting what you want now is too strong to pass up. This is why credit cards are a thing we hate to buy.

4. Cable – Anyone who has ever been on the phone with their cable company reads the first half of this sentence and instinctively balls their hands into fists. You’re first put on hold, where you’ll spend 10 – 15 minutes listening to tinny classical – or worse! smooth jazz – tunes. When you finally get on the line with a human being, they are unable to justify bogus company policy in a way that makes any sense to you at all. Whether you’re being charged an egregious fee or forced to take a plan with 1,000s of channels you’ll never watch, the absurdity and complete lack of transparency in company policy makes cable a thing we hate to buy.

3. Cell Phone Plans – Transfer the cable company phone call scenario to a face-to-face exchange in a bodega at the local mall. Congratulations, you’ve successfully articulated why cell phone plans are a thing we hate to buy.

2. Airline Tickets – Buying an airline ticket always feels exciting until you recall the unpleasant specifics of aerial travel. Lines, surly employees, stressed out fellow passengers, more lines, and unpleasant pat-downs await you on your passage through the airport to board your airplane. On the plane, you are thrust into a small space with a bunch of strangers who could care less about your personal space or physical comfort. Enjoy getting drooled on and eating prepackaged slop for the next 4 hours, courtesy of your chosen airplane company. These are just a few of the many reasons why airplane tickets are things we hate to buy.

1. Used Cars – Buying a used car, especially in this economy, is not a bad idea. Most new cars lose their resale value as soon as they leave the lot. Many individuals have decided to instead invest in sturdy older cars, but at what cost? If you’re buying from a dealership there is an overwhelmingly good chance that the salesperson you’re working with is going to cheat you in one way or another. Between negotiations and aggressive sales tactics, used cars are things we hate to buy.

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