5 Ways to Start Using Social Media for Training

Social media is now in every professional’s vernacular and if it’s not, it should be. In its most basic form, social media allows us to communicate. Whether you are researching new marketing projects, communicating with colleagues or learning from a global network of peers, social media allows your voice to be heard instantly and effectively.

After using and experimenting with multiple applications, we have identified the top five ways to start using social media for training:     

1. Twitter allows you to find out what’s happening now with the people and organizations your company is interested in. Identify your colleagues, competitors, and anyone else in your sector, and follow them on twitter. This allows you to stay up-to-date on current news, trends, and other pertinent information that is relevant in your field.

Twitter can also help individuals learn about different people and departments within your company. Tweet links to articles and blog posts that keep your employees up to date with the latest rules and regulations or pertinent information for followers.  

2. Google Hangouts connect you and your team via video chat. The Google application makes group meetings simple and easy, especially for those team members who work remote from the main office. The program allows up to nine colleagues to join the hangout in which everyone can be seen and heard.

Demonstrate a task from across the country, share your computer screen with a supervisor, or discuss a performance evaluation…accomplish these and more with a Google Hangout.    

3. Facebook is not just for you and your friends anymore. Take Facebook to the next level and integrate the popular social media website into your training and development program. Create specific groups for teams within your company. If your team is working on a project together, set deadlines and delegate tasks through updates and events.

Post links to articles and websites that may be of interest to you and your team members. Sending messages and sharing files will help you and your team communicate regularly, manage time, and be productive.

4. Quora is a discussion board for colleagues to ask and reply to questions on any topic of professional or personal interest. Training managers should suggest Quora to their employees to continue learning about topics discussed in training sessions. Next time you have a question, look it up and/or ask it on Quora. You might discover something you never knew before or spark up an interesting conversation.  

5. Hipchat allows your company to create and select exclusive chat rooms. Start a conversation with your supervisor, share links and files with several of your colleagues, or announce the quarterly goals to everyone within the company. Use Hipchat to take a load off incoming emails and share thoughts or ideas with others instantly.