Advocating for DEI to Unlock Collective Growth

As part of our DEI webinar series, we sat down with global changemakers and experts to evaluate some of the most critical challenges affecting an organization’s learning and development objectives. Scroll to the bottom to watch those free discussions. 

When a project doesn’t perform well, typically, a retrospective analysis is conducted to understand what went wrong and why. The idea behind this action is a universal one, it’s one that is shared by companies, countries, governments, and individuals. It’s the idea that we can learn from our past, in order to better our future. Reflection isn’t an easy task. There’s no one right way to follow. More often than not, the action and the exercise have uneven beginnings and uncomfortable moments. But the end result is always the same, communal growth now and going-forward. 

And it is that very result that is driving nearly 90% of companies around the country and across the globe to take time to reflect. To reflect on the way people inside and outside organizations have been underrepresented and undervalued, to acknowledge that there has been unequal treatment, whether that be conscious or unconscious, to provide resources and create initiatives in order to change the behaviors that drive that sort of treatment, and in doing so, to build a culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

However, the difference between you and your team reflecting on a project and reflecting on unequal treatment is that the latter requires complete buy-in from all individuals, at all different positions & levels. Everyone must be willing to go on a personal journey that will ultimately enhance their individual experience, their colleague’s experience, as well as improve the company’s bottom line. So how do we promote this journey? How can you be an advocate for organizational change?

  • First, take a minute to understand your company’s progress on DEI.
  • Next, identify the areas you want to prioritize.
  • Finally, leverage tools & resources in order to build a strategy that promotes conversation and action.

Here are some resources that will elevate your ideas, boost your initiatives, and help you drive meaningful impact. As part of our free DEI webinar series, we sat down with some of the biggest global change makers and experts, for a series of conversations around navigating and exploring the difficult discussions and emotions people go through in order to push positive changes.