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The Argument for Online Training

When it comes to training, online vs. in-person is far from a settled debate. With arguments and preferences about efficacy, cost savings and speed-to-implement, it can be difficult to decide which way is best.

Face-to-face classes are meant to be engaging and to give team members the chance to have their questions addressed by an expert. However, between scheduling class time and paying the speaker’s travel fees, these classes can be costly and time consuming. Plus, there is no easy way to ensure engagement. On any given day your team members are tired, stressed out or otherwise fatigued. It can be hard to concentrate on learning when all you can thinking about is that 4 o’clock deadline.

eLearning solves these problems and more. Whether you’re looking for leadership skills training, management courses, IT certification or project management skills, OpenSesame has web training courseware to suit your needs. Once you purchase a course, you can deploy it via email or in your LMS. Learners can take the course at their own convenience, and you can track their progress from your LMS or online. Online training helps you maximize flexibility while minimizing cost for on-demand training.

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The mindset that face-to-face courses are superior to online training is antiquated. In fact, elearning technology is only becoming more engaging and accessible. But don’t take our word for it, give OpenSesame a try.

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