ATD 2023 Rewind: Unforgettable Highlights, Exciting Product Announcements, and More

The 2023 ATD International Conference and Expo was a whirlwind of innovation, networking, and inspiration for all attendees. From the bustling booth to exciting product announcements, the event left a lasting impression on everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to relive the incredible moments from ATD 2023.

Superhero Booth Experience

Our booth was a vibrant epicenter of energy, drawing in people from all corners. Visitors were inspired to embrace their L&D superpower and were greeted by our enthusiastic team and publishers showcasing our latest advancements and sparking engaging conversations. Visitors were also given a chance to win incredible prizes through our hoodie giveaway, including Apple watches, iPads, and Starbucks gift cards. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Simon Product Announcement 

One of the biggest highlights of ATD 2023 was our session unveiling Simon, the course creation platform that lets you create and translate courses to reach diverse workforces.

Our Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Josh Blank took the stage alongside Cody Winn, Director of Product Experiences at TED@Work to explore the superpower of inclusive learning. The crowd was captivated by the live product demo by Peggy MacDonald, Senior Product Manager, who demonstrated how to easily create high-quality training that is accessible to everyone. Then Cody Winn shared how TED@Work turned hundreds of TED Talks into beautiful, translated, and localized courses that transcend language barriers and empower learners worldwide. 

If you couldn’t make the session, don’t worry! You can learn more about Simon and sign up for our exclusive early access program.

ATD Happy Hour and Dinner

We made sure to infuse some fun into ATD by hosting a happy hour and dinner. Both events brought together industry professionals, publishers, and partners for an evening of networking, laughter, and insightful conversations. 

ATD 2023 was an unforgettable experience that celebrated the spirit of innovation, connection, and learning. From the vibrant booth experience to the introduction of Simon, ATD left a lasting impression on all who attended. See you next year!