Avoid Getting Fined: Arizona Title 4 Regulations for Serving Alcohol

Complying with state liquor laws is vital to keeping your bar or restaurant in business. Arizona is no exception. Arizona’s Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC) ensures that licenses are valid and up-to-date, and that employees have the proper training and certification to serve alcohol. The DLLC reviews and issues over 250 new liquor licenses and renews over 600 per month. Whether you are refurbishing an old-town Western bar or opening up a new restaurant with a stellar happy hour menu, you need the proper training to obtain your Arizona Title 4 license distributed by the DLLC.

What is the Arizona Title 4?

State laws pertaining to the distribution and consumption of liquor in the state of Arizona.

Who needs an Arizona Title 4 license?

Any bartender, seller, or server of alcohol in the state of Arizona. This includes all establishments and locations that distribute or serve alcohol: restaurants, liquor stores, airplanes, trains, retailers, bars, and special events. Employees who do not serve alcohol directly are not required to be certified, but most employers highly recommend obtaining certification.

Why should you and your employees obtain the proper Arizona Title 4 training?

In any situation where people are consuming alcohol, there is the potential for danger. Patrons may behave in unwanted ways, including hurting employees or other customers. When managers and their employees receive the proper training, they can better evaluate and deal with these challenging situations while keeping in accordance with the law. Training and certification keeps employees and customers safe in the case of a liability claim and reduces the risk of regulatory sanctions. The state will close establishments and fine employees who are not licensed.

Also, completing training courses can make an individual more desirable and hirable when applying to work at an establishment that serves liquor.

Where and how can you obtain an Arizona Title 4 license?

Arizona state approved training providers are found here:

Approved Arizona DLLC Providers

Everything else you need to know is found on Arizona’s DLLC website:

Arizona DLLC

Need to take an Arizona Title 4 course or add one to your LMS? Check out OpenSesame’s selection of high-quality Arizona Title 4 training courses:


Link Description
Training for Managers
For employees in a supervisory position who serve liquor on premises
Training for Non-Managers
For all employees who serve liquor on premises
Training for Manager
For employees in a supervisory position who serve liquor off premises
Training for Non-Managers
For all employees who serve liquor off premises