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Cisco Sales Essentials Training from Tech 2000

After a few months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that we now offer an effective and engaging course on Cisco Sales Essentials 5.0 thanks to our partnership with the great course developers at Tech 2000. Cisco software and equipment training is complex and in-depth, so it requires talented elearning developers to deliver a course that’s both interesting and effective. As a result, we’re thrilled to offer not only the first Cisco Sales Essentials 5.0 course in the marketplace but a great one.

We sat down with Angela Carolla from Tech 2000 to learn more about their business and their approach to making complex content approachable and understandable.
Tell us a little bit about how your founders became interested in creating elearning courses.

As working adults and parents themselves, George and Jeanne Churchwell saw the need for organizations and individuals to utilize innovations, including elearning and other self-paced learning products, to meet the training requirements for their employees and teams.

What’s unique about Tech 2000’s approach to building elearning?

In a global E-world full of questions, we deliver solutions and provide guidance, safety, and comfort to our customers. In developing courses, we employ one of the most effective course design methodologies in adult education. Our products are both technically and educationally sound; consistently of the highest quality and always there just when you need them. We utilize a hybrid technique of combining existing modular material with newly developed material to create a fast and cost-effective development process. We guarantee memorable results.

What are your tips and tricks for making large chunks of content memorable and usable?

In the fast-paced work environment, individuals must be engaged in the learning process to understand and apply content. Tech 2000 works with businesses in developing strategies for creating courses including hands-on simulations whenever possible.

Why should a buyer rely on Tech 2000 for Cisco training or other technology training?

We have received Cisco’s Global Learning Partner Award for Excellence in Innovation for the past two years. This award is given to the Cisco Learning Partner that exhibits outstanding quality, creativity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness while increasing customer satisfaction.

What technology developments in elearning and training are you most excited about?

We are especially excited about incorporating 3D education technology and 3D lab solutions with infinite scalability into our elearning program design. Finally, we’ve started delivering elearning courses through mobile devices, which shows huge promise for making learning accessible and digestible.

What’s something fun/unique/unusual about Tech 2000?

Tech 2000 is a small, family owned business. Although in the size of staff we are relatively small, we produce big things that make a difference. In addition to developing great training, we are proud of our ongoing partnership with Operation Hope. Tech 2000 has joined Operation HOPE’s 5 Million Kids Initiative: Teaching SDK development and the Mac interface to inner city and underprivileged youth in over 2000 High Schools.