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Course of the Week: Business Dining Etiquette by Advancing With Style



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Business Dining Etiquette

Business Dining Etiquette by Advancing With Style  
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Business Dining Etiquette
by Advancing with Style


The business lunch or dinner is more than a meal. It’s a time when relationships are developed and contracts are signed. How you handle yourself at the dining table gives potential clients and customers a sense of how you might handle their business. This one-of-a-kind course addresses everything the business professional needs to know about business dining etiquette to successfully entertain clients. Dining manners and etiquette are critical so that you comport yourself with confidence as a host or guest in any business dining setting. This engaging and  interactive online course offers a comprehensive explanation of business dining etiquette, from ordering to using tableware appropriately.

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What’s in this course:

  • Audio narration
  • Inline quizzes
  • Glossary of difficult-to-eat foods
  • Printable handouts

About the Seller

Advancing with Style
Advancing With Style is North America’s premier provider of corporate services in professional presence and business etiquette. Smart companies realize that the personal brand of their employees is an extension of their corporate brand. Advancing With Style’s signature program Brand Yourself Professional™ is a five step program that encompasses the components of employee professionalism in the workplace. These same courses that were originally offered as instructor led seminars are now available in a cost effective elearning format.
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