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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mastering Your Image in the Workplace

Mastering Your Image in the Workplace  
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Mastering Your Image in the Workplace
By Seattle Image Consulting

The question is: “How do you want your company to be seen?” You want to build a strong, positive reputation by creating a group of respected employees who inspire trust from customers. Take the first step by enabling team members to look the part. “Mastering Your Image in the Workplace” describes standards for acceptable workplace appearance with examples of appropriate attire for diverse professional situations, from the company picnic to the boardroom. This course motivates learners by enumerating the professional benefits of creating a professional workplace appearance, while enabling companies to hold  employees accountable for meeting expectations. Educate  employees about the importance of their image and appearance and invest in your company’s future by creating a highly professional workforce.


What’s in this course

  • Examples
  • Suggestions for different workplace scenarios
  • Audio narration

About the instructor

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Rochelle Schuster of Seattle Image Consulting is a certified image consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International and a graduate of the London Image Institute. She has studied with Maria Luisa Pinto in color, body and style analysis and with master image consultant Carla Mathis, author of The Triumph of Individual Style and owner of Body Beautiful.

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