Employee Spotlight: Lexx Fluder

Lexx Fluder

Manager of Product Support

Portland, Oregon

Growth and change through solid data is a theme of Lexx Fluder’s career at OpenSesame. Lexx joined the company four and a half years ago when OpenSesame was in a single building with a two-person customer support team. Today, she’s the company’s international product support team manager with employees serving customers worldwide. “I love working with my team. We’re all so different, but we work hard to find solutions for our customers. Support is such a collaborative field,” Lexx said. 


Briefly describe your role.

I lead the product support team and attack the more extensive issues impacting our customers. Our team consists of seven people and myself, with one agent located in London.


How did you get into the field you’re in?

I have a bachelor’s degree in archeology from Boston University, and I started working in customer support in college as a temp. My first call was incredibly complicated, and I screwed it up a few different ways. After the call, I went into the bathroom to calm myself down. I decided to give it until the end of the day — if it was still terrible, I would quit. I did not quit. 


How has your career evolved from that first job?

Since then, I’ve had all kinds of jobs with lots of statistics. Later I realized my work with data was key to customer support. I use data to prove what is happening for the customer or my team. We dig into things and do data analysis. I once received great advice at a customer service conference: “Without data, it’s just complaining.” When the pandemic started, my team was slammed. We were beyond capacity. My boss told me to put together a case to show how bad it was. I spent that weekend with the data and graphs. By the end of the next week, we had recruited three people from other teams to help, and I had permission to make a new hire.


What has been the best part of working in your role?

I love working with my team. We’re all so different, but we work hard to find solutions for our customers. Support is such a collaborative field — we’re in each other’s business. Since we’re now remote, I miss the impromptu cheese and cracker platters (we’re all really into food.) But when times are tough, it’s still great to come online and talk to such a lovely group of humans.


What is your favorite course in the OS catalog?

I liked the BiggerBrains course on storytelling. I thought it was fascinating and engaging. 


How has OpenSesame changed since you’ve joined?

I started when we were in the old building with very small teams. We’ve grown so much in both size and process. We are much more strategic than we were when we first started. We’ve also expanded our customer support hours to match our global client needs. 


In what ways have you been supported by the OpenSesame team or culture?

I went through a rough 2020. I lost my last grandparent and couldn’t go home for the funeral. On top of that, I dislocated my shoulder in a Vespa accident. While this was all going on, I was entirely supported by my co-workers. Friends on other teams were checking in on me. My manager and her daughter pushed my scooter home for me from where the accident happened. My team handled our workload fabulously, even while I wasn’t around. 


Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

“You’re a smart kid; you can make chili.” Once, I had committed to bringing chili to a Super Bowl party, and I had no idea how to make chili. I was wandering around the supermarket, muttering that mantra to myself. If you just think it through, you’ll figure it out eventually. I made the chili. 


What’s something people may not know about you?

I have a pet lizard named Emily. She’s a coronavirus pet, so she’s only eight months old. She’s a bearded dragon, and she’s a foot and a half long — but it’s mostly tail. 


How has your career grown at OpenSesame?

I started as a community support associate. I’m now the manager of an international product support team.


If you feel comfortable, give a glimpse of life outside of work; where do you get your energy, or what do you enjoy?

I enjoy building model robots, playing video games, and lifting heavy objects.


What is the Best ProDev you’ve taken?

I’ve traveled to a few support conferences, but I’m waiting for travel restrictions to lift so I can finally attend a very specific one. Disney puts on a customer experience conference at Disney World that takes a deep dive into the magic of their incredible customer experience culture. 


What advice would you give to new OS hires?

Put yourself out there and work hard. You can’t coast at OpenSesame, but you can make huge changes and own cool new processes if you make a good case. Ask questions and talk to folks you want to learn from. Everyone is here to help.


What makes working at OpenSesame rewarding?

It’s a real solid group of people. I know everyone always says that, but it’s fantastic to work with people who are all doing their best and are kind and helpful. It makes it nice to go to work.