February 2023 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

OpenSesame announces three new additions to the OpenSesame Plus catalog: Integrity Training, Framework Tech Media, and The Nova Collective. This latest expansion provides even more opportunities for customers to access high-quality, interactive training content on IT topics, DEI, software development and design.

“This exciting opportunity increases our commitment to keep up with the ever-changing demands for skill development and gives our customers the most updated knowledge and tools they need to stay competitive in their respective industries.”

Spencer Thornton, SVP of Curation, OpenSesame

Increase IT knowledge and skills

Integrity Training delivers in-depth IT training with a strong emphasis on expert instructors and high quality teaching. With this new addition to OpenSesame Plus, customers gain access to a diverse selection of technical and IT certification preparation courses covering topics such as cyber security, cloud computing, networking, blockchain and more. What sets Integrity Training apart are its exceptional video quality, access to niche IT subjects, project-based programming courses and comprehensive practice exams and quizzes.

Advance your organization’s DEI initiatives

The Nova Collective is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace by providing elearning courses to help organizations of all sizes advance their DEI initiatives. Their courses and programs are designed to educate and empower employees and support DEI and People leaders in building sustainable DEI programs that create real and lasting change. Its most popular courses are Race & Ethnicity, What is Diversity & What is Inclusion, and Global Cultural Awareness.

Technology training that’s easy to understand  

Framework Tech Media is a leading developer of online courses specializing in technology, web development, and digital design. With a focus on practical exercises, interactive labs, and expert-led instructors, customers can expect a dynamic and enriching learning experience elevated by its high-quality broadcast video production. Its most popular courses include HTML5 Authoring, JavaScript Specialist, and Rock Out with Photoshop.

OpenSesame Plus, now equipped with Integrity Training, Framework Tech Media, and The Nova Collective, offers an unmatched elearning experience for skill development, staying up-to-date with industry standards, and deepening employee knowledge.

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