Five Ways to Write Great Course Descriptions

Five Tips for a Captivating Seller Profile

If you’re a seller in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace, your profile is more than just a quick stop on your way to to selling training courses – it’s your opportunity to help customers find your courses and to feel confident about them. Here’s five essential steps to creating a great OpenSesame seller profile:

  1. Add an image. Whether it’s reading a blog, skimming through news articles or scrolling through search results, peoples’ eyes are captured by interesting images. Your profile image appears next to your courses in OpenSesame search results, so that means having a professional, attractive and interesting logo is an essential opportunity to make your courses stand out from the crowd.
  2. Give your customers the information they need. Update your Display Name to accurately reflect your company name. Ensure that your seller bio has a good description of your company and its focus and services. This profile needs to capture visitors’ attention and tempt them to click on the links to courses you have added to the OpenSesame marketplace – so be persuasive and thorough.
  3. SEO it up. Use keywords relevant to the topics of your courses to make it easy for customers using search engines to find your profile. If you’re using OpenSesame as your e-commerce platform, add links on your website that use appropriate keywords, like “Buy my elearning courses on OpenSesame” or “Find Example Company’s Business Skills Curriculum on OpenSesame”.
  4. Social media links. Customers are increasingly turning to social media to learn more about the companies they do business with – and connecting with your customers on social media is a great way to keep your company and its products front-of-mind. So add those links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles!
  5. Make it professional. Yes, this means spell-check matters. Make sure your company’s seller profile is free from grammatical errors, jokes and out-of-date information. Our user research shows that customers click on links to seller profiles to make sure that the course they’re considering buying comes from a reputable, professional company – so make sure your profile is an extension of your company’s public image.

Finally, check out this short video for the technical how-tos on updating your profile: