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Help Your Team Be Successful With Flexible Online Training

Too many companies treat learning and development as optional – either for each employee or for the organization as a whole. But learning is not just an optional HR expense – it’s an investment in employee satisfaction, innovation and the future of your company.

In short, learning matters because in this era of exponential change and explosive information growth, if you’re not learning, you’re failing. But beyond that general truth, there are numerous benefits from having a training and learning program for your business’ bottom line. Here are the top level items:

  • Increase productivity. Ongoing learning and training will ensure your team is up-to-date with the latest technologies and practices in your sector.
  • Create a safe environment. While not glamorous, safety matters, and ensuring that employees practice safe workplace behavior enables you to reduce risk and related insurance costs.
  • Hire the person with the right attitude and best fit with your team. Specific skills (like programming languages, for example, or proprietary processes) can be learned on the job; it’s harder to teach a strong work ethic or good attitude.
  • Boost employee engagement, and in turn effectiveness. Investing in learning opportunities improves employee engagement, and in turn, engaged employees are more productive.  
  • Innovation. Develop new skills and abilities on an ongoing basis means your organization will be positioned to innovate and create new practices, products and services.
  • Show them you care. Investing in employee development is correlated to increased job satisfaction and engagement.

If you’re concerned about lost productivity from employees participating in training, remember that online training allows employees to take courses any time, from anywhere – integrating learning into their everyday work when needed.

OpenSesame’s elearning courseware provides the flexibility necessary for busy teams. Our marketplace boasts a wide variety of high quality leadership skills training, IT certification, project management skills training, and management courseware from sellers like FranklinCovey and Wiley. Deploy these courses via CourseCloud or in your LMS to let employees learn wherever and whenever.

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