The Importance of Teamwork Training

One of the greatest industrialists the world has seen, Henry Ford, once said something about teamwork:

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Despite the different times we live in today, the basic principles behind teamwork still remain true. Whether your team is composed of two people, a department or an entire organization, you get more things done faster and in a more efficient manner when you have someone else to carry the load with you.

Teamwork however, doesn’t automatically kick in once a group of people come together. Not all groups exhibit teamwork right from the get go, which is why some training, or at the very least a discussion, should be undergone by group mates. Effective teamwork training may seem like a waste of time to some, but it is a key towards a productive workforce—one that shares the same goals and understands one another’s needs and working quirks.

Teamwork doesn’t happen by accident. Numerous studies have shown that it’s up to managers, supervisors and leaders in general to be willing to lead and build a team that’s cooperative and productive. In many ways, a team needs to be instructed how to be competitive. They also need to be placed in a climate where teamwork can be stimulated and further developed.

Teams must actively build on their commitment to working as team and must foster an atmosphere that promotes synergy. Teamwork training is the best way to facilitate the team spirit. This type of training encourages team members to talk about their thoughts and feelings on being part of a team, and what they think should be done for a more productive unit.

Of course, teamwork training doesn’t come cheap. The team itself, or the team leader, must be willing to invest both time and money to develop and maintain the basic team structure and its integrity. It takes considerable time and willpower for people to actually care for each other and have genuine concern about their actions on work and outside of it.

Teamwork training is definitely a must for new managers and small business owners who may not have adequate knowledge and experience when it comes to training and development of group dynamics and building synergy. Teamwork training programs allow team members and leaders to learn the multiple aspects of group functions and structure. It also shows how group dynamics can be managed and enhanced for better collaboration and productivity. For leaders in particular, teamwork training provides insight on group observation while they are at work.

Teamwork training is an investment you need to seriously consider if you’re concerned about work productivity and synergy. It’s one that pays off in the long run, so you won’t regret allocating the time and resources for it. 

Image Credit: alexds on Flickr