Introducing Simon: The powerful content creation platform that helps you create and translate courses into multiple languages effortlessly

At OpenSesame, we understand the challenges faced by content creators and learners in the ever-evolving landscape of online learning. We’ve identified the complexity of authoring tools, the time-consuming and costly process of course translations, and the pressing need for inclusive and accessible learning environments that accommodate the diverse needs of every learner. 

Introducing Simon, the game-changing content creation platform that empowers you to create and translate courses into multiple languages effortlessly. We are beyond excited to introduce you to Simon, a groundbreaking solution that is set to transform the way we create and deliver training.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the incredible features and capabilities of Simon, and show you how it’s reshaping the world of online training. 

Elevating the Learning Experience

Simon fosters an environment where learners feel included, valued, and inspired to learn. By prioritizing the learner’s experience, we have built a platform that enhances the way knowledge is acquired. Let’s explore how Simon takes the learning experience to new heights

  • Intuitive Interface: Simon’s interface is modern, clean, and easy to navigate. With its consistent design and user-friendly layout, learners can focus on the training without technical challenges and distractions. The cinematic feel resembles popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, providing a familiar and engaging experience.
  • Seamless Navigation: The progress bar at the bottom of the screen allows learners to track how far they have gone through the course and can easily jump to specific sections to revisit those “Aha” moments. Additionally, the outline feature provides effortless navigation and quick access to course materials as well.
  • Language Customization: Learners can select their preferred language. Simon then translates the course’s text, audio, and subtitles, ensuring they can learn in the language most comfortable for them.
  • Fully Accessible: Simon goes the extra mile by making sure everyone feels included, with accessibility features that meet WCAG and 508 compliance standards. Plus, its responsive design ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience on any device.

Simplified Course Creation

We understand that not everyone is a seasoned instructional designer, and that’s where Simon comes in to make your life easier. With Simon, you don’t need to have specialized design skills to create engaging and impactful courses. Here’s how Simon simplifies the course creation process: 

  • Cloud-based Technology: Simon’s cloud-based technology eliminates the need to install software or maintain software updates. Course updates are applied instantaneously in the background so that you and every learner has the latest version available at all times–even if the course has already been delivered to your learning platform.
  • Intuitive and Modern Design: With Simon’s intuitive interface, creating beautiful and engaging courses become effortless, even for non-technical individuals. You can easily incorporate various multimedia elements into your courses including videos, photos, narrations, knowledge checks, surveys, and quizzes–without any hassle. 
  • One Click Translations: Simon empowers you to effortlessly translate your course content into multiple languages with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of managing multiple translated versions and struggling to keep them in sync. With Simon’s built-in translation capabilities, you can save time and effort and deliver training in your employee’s language of choice.
  • AI Voice Narration: Simply input your script, select your desired voice (male or female), and let Simon bring your content to life. No more recording sessions or tedious editing.

Many of our publishers, including TED, ej4, and Axonify, have been publishing their content with Simon, and now we’re making those same tools available to OpenSesame customers. You can sign up for access to Simon, or watch this recorded webinar to see Simon in action and discover how easy it is to create high-quality training that is accessible to everyone, regardless of language or ability.