July 2022 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

OpenSesame is excited to announce two new additions to our learning platform. Joining us is LearnNowOnline, who specializes in training on current and emerging technologies. OpenSesame is also proud to have onboarded RW3 CultureWizard, offering diversity and inclusion coursework, with a focus on intercultural awareness and understanding.

LearnNowOnline is an award-winning technical learning company. They offer training in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), programming, OWASP, cloud computing, project management, Microsoft Office, and other topics related to technology. With 1000+ courses they offer learning materials for ongoing training or upskilling of your team members. 

With this new partnership Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation says, “For teams of any size, LearnNowOnline provides technical training in the key technologies that help people expand their expertise and better succeed in their careers.”

OpenSesame is also excited to bring you new and exclusive e-learning courses by award-winning RW3 CultureWizard to help you and your team in having better relationships with your clients or colleagues wherever they may be across the globe. Whether you’re having an in-person meeting or over video, it’s important to have an understanding of the people you work with for better collaboration and communication. Since 2001, RW3 CultureWizard has helped over 1000 global companies and 5+ million employees around the world develop the type of inclusive and collaborative work environments that drive business success.

Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation adds, “We’re excited to offer RW3 CultureWizard’s e-learning courses in helping your team in gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of those from differing backgrounds, cultivate better collaboration and communication, and help you and your organization in achieving more.”

With the addition of LearnNowOnline and RW3 CultureWizard OpenSesame has expanded our already wide range of courses and training, offering you and you team up-to-date eLearning in whatever you need to know.

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