June 2023 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

We’re excited to welcome two exceptional publishers, mybreev and IsEazy Skills to OpenSesame Plus. These publishers bring a wealth of expertise and offer unique courses that cater to your training and development needs.

Emotional Storytelling and Engaging Interactions

mybreev offers a wide range of meticulously crafted courses that cover crucial topics in today’s professional world. Collaborating with subject matter experts and their elearning studio, mybreev ensures their courses are created with the highest level of expertise and relevance. What sets mybreev apart is their innovative use of emotional storytelling techniques, capturing learners’ attention and making the learning experience more relatable and memorable. Through interactive elements and engaging content, mybreev’s courses not only provide valuable knowledge but also equip learners with practical skills they can immediately apply to real-world scenarios. 

As an added bonus, each course includes downloadable resources such as interactive activities and key takeaways, enhancing the overall learning journey. With mybreev, you gain access to comprehensive coverage areas that address the key challenges professionals face in today’s ever-changing business landscape. From cybersecurity and sustainability to compliance, safety, and more.

Top courses by mybreev:

  • Vishing (Voice Phishing)
  • Human Rights
  • Climate Clever at Work
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Information Security Basics

Practical Solutions for Everyday Challenges

IsEazy Skills is dedicated to delivering practical solutions for professional development, addressing everyday challenges faced by professionals. Each course is thoughtfully designed to offer actionable insights, enabling learners to quickly grasp key concepts and immediately implement them in their work. Additionally, IsEazy courses offer a wide variety of resources,  including video presenters, interactives, video templates, success stories, self-assessment games, tool kits, and more. This diverse range of resources encourage active learning and engagement, providing learners with multiple avenues to enhance their skills and knowledge. 

IsEazy’s courses cover a wide range of subjects relevant to professionals across industries, including business skills, leadership and management, customer service, project management, sales, marketing, and more. With IsEazy, professionals gain the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their respective field.

Top courses by IsEazy Skills: 

  • Emotional Intelligence for Top Leadership
  • Enhance Your Persuasive Communication Skills
  • Promoting Gender Equality in Your Environment
  • Do More in Less Time

“We are thrilled to welcome mybreev and IsEazy to OpenSesame Plus. Their courses bring fresh perspectives and practical problem-solving, meeting the evolving needs of our learners. We believe these additions will provide immense value and enhance the learning experience for everyone.”

Spencer Thornton, SVP of Curation, OpenSesame

OpenSesame Plus continues to expand its offerings with the addition of mybreev and IsEazy Skills as its newest publishers. Their courses provide invaluable insights, practical solutions, and engaging learning experiences that cater to professionals across various industries.

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