LinkedIn Learning Hub Integration with OpenSesame Puts the Power of Training in Users’ Hands

OpenSesame announces a strategic partnership with LinkedIn Learning Hub with an eye on the future of workforces

The trust and cutting edge course material of OpenSesame is now accessible via LinkedIn Learning Hub, allowing users to directly access OpenSesame content for elearning, upskilling and reskilling.

The LinkedIn Learning Hub integration with learning content providers such as OpenSesame allows customers to discover the right content in one place, easily access skills insights and measure engagement across content sources, and customize the learner experience with curated learning paths.

The LinkedIn Learning Hub integration with OpenSesame enables convenient, time-saving tools for adding new training. This integration provides courses and select metadata directly to LinkedIn Learning Hub—no need for manual downloads and uploads. With a few clicks, OpenSesame courses will be sent directly to LinkedIn Learning Hub where learners can quickly access training.

“LinkedIn Learning Hub’s content integrations are driven by our partner ecosystem and we are excited to launch this integration with OpenSesame,” says Raza Syed, Director, Business Development at LinkedIn. We will continue to work closely with OpenSesame to provide solutions that deliver even more value for both customers and members.”

Raza Syed, Director, Business Development at LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning Hub draws on data and insights from the world’s largest professional network to uniquely deliver personalized content, community-based learning, and skill development insights to empower employees to develop the right skills any organization needs to succeed in the new world of work.

LinkedIn Learning Hub is more than a traditional Learning Experience Platform (LXP) — it empowers employees to develop the right skills and puts the power of training in the user’s hand.

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